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PharmAust ASX PAA cancer drug monepantel COVID-19

Repeat experiment proves PharmAust’s lead cancer drug can reduce infectivity of COVID-19 cells

A repeat preliminary evaluation of PharmAust’s (ASX: PAA) lead cancer drug monepantel and monepantel sulfone has found it can reduce transmission in cells infected with the current SARS-CoV-2 strain o...
PharmAust ASX PAA study lead cancer drug could suppress COVID-19 infectivity SARS-CoV-2

Studies show PharmAust’s lead cancer drug could suppress COVID-19 infectivity

Preliminary clinical work by PharmAust (ASX: PAA) on the effects of its lead candidate monepantel and monepantel sulfone on cells infected with COVID-19 has demonstrated potential suppression of the v...
PharmAust ASX PAA Monepantel trial anti-cancer treat anive B cell lymphoma MPL tablet pet dog

PharmAust makes progress towards next clinical trial of monepantel

Oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) came out of a trading halt this morning with news that its monepantel canine trial achieved a “successful outcome” with phase 3 trials already on the horizon. ...
PharmAust ASX PAA University of Melbourne U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital Phase 2 clinical trial monepantel cancer

PharmAust and U-Vet gear up for Phase 2 clinical trial of leading drug candidate monepantel

Oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) is on the home straight to commencing a milestone drug trial following the finalisation of contractual arrangements for its Phase 2 canine cancer trial, to be com...
PharmAust ASX PAA Monepantel tablets Phase 1 dogs

PharmAust reports positive results from phase I anti-cancer tablet trial on dogs

Clinical-stage oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) has received early positive results from a phase I trial of its reformulated monepantel anti-cancer tablets. The canine-based trial commenced la...
PharmAust ASX PAA monepantel clinical trials humans canine dog anti-cancer tablet

PharmAust to begin anti-cancer tablet trials in dogs this month

Oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) has manufactured its first batch of monepantel anti-cancer tablets in readiness for the phase I clinical trial in dogs, which will begin later this month. The ...
PharmAust ASX PAA principal metabolite anti cancer properties monepantel

PharmAust’s principal metabolite confirmed to have anti-cancer properties

Oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) has revealed positive news in relation to its ongoing development of monepantel, with the company confirming that monepantel’s major metabolite has exhibited anti...
PharmAust ASX PAA upscale cancer drug candidate Monepantel Syngene International

PharmAust readies to upscale its flagship cancer drug candidate Monepantel

Clinical-stage oncology company PharmAust (ASX: PAA) could be set to upscale development of its flagship drug candidate ‘Monepantel’, a cancer drug that is potentially both applicable to humans as wel...
PharmAust ASX PAA treat cancer dogs oncology

PharmAust targets unique market for treating cancer in dogs

Australian vets and dog-lovers could soon have an additional weapon in their toolkit to treat cancer in dogs, courtesy of a novel therapy to be developed by oncology company PharmAust’s (ASX: PAA) who...
PharmAust ASX PAA secures US patent cancer drugs

PharmAust secures US patent for cancer drugs

PharmAust (ASX: PAA) has locked in a US patent for its aminoacetonitrile compound drug portfolio, which have anti-cancer properties. “Allowance of this patent secures PharmAust’s ownership for over...