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Oventus Medical Aeroflow Healthcare ASX OVN obstructive sleep apnoea O2Vent technology

Oventus looks to boost uptake of O2Vent technology with Aeroflow

Medical device company Oventus Medical (ASX: OVN) has confirmed its sleep treatment platform will be included in a range of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) treatment solutions being sold by Aeroflow He...
Oventus Medical sleep apnoea ASX OVN lab in lab

Oventus Medical launches three additional ‘lab in lab’ sites in the US

Medical device company Oventus Medical (ASX: OVN) has launched a further three clinical delivery sites in the US as part of its “lab in lab” business model while confirming that its initial five sites...
Oventus Medical ASX OVN O2Vent Optima FDA approval Food and Drug Administration

Oventus Medical gets set for US market after FDA approval for O2Vent Optima

Medical device company Oventus Medical (ASX: OVN) has received a major boost in its bid to see the O2Vent Optima oral device being sold across the US. Earlier today, Oventus announced that it had r...
Oventus Medical ASX OVN O2Vent Optima sleep apnoea treatment clinics

Oventus Medical to roll-out sleep apnoea treatment across US sleep clinics

A further two US sleep medicine groups have agreed to adopt Oventus Medical’s (ASX: OVN) O2Vent sleep technology to treat obstructive sleep apnoea at their facilities. Delaware Sleep Disorder Centr...
Oventus Medical ASX OVN O2Vent Optima oral device treat obstructive sleep apnoea

Oventus launches new oral device to treat obstructive sleep apnoea

Queensland-based Oventus Medical (ASX: OVN) has released what it believes to be “an important addition” to its line-up of oral devices designed to assist patients with obstructive sleep apnoea. The...
Oventus Medical ASX OVN sleep apnoea ExVent PEEP success trial

Oventus Medical ExVent device gives PEEP at future for obstructive sleep apnoea patients

Mel Bridges-chaired Oventus Medical’s (ASX: OVN) newly developed ExVent PEEP valve has successfully treated obstructive sleep apnoea patients in conjunction with the company’s existing O2Vent applianc...