Orthocell ASX OCC CelGro nerve repair pre-clinical study

Orthocell’s latest pre-clinical study underlines CelGro performance in nerve repair

Orthocell (ASX: OCC) published yet another batch of trial results relating to CelGro which it says validates its claim that the technique can deliver...
Orthocell ASX OCC CelGro bone regeneration device dental implant treatment timeframes cut costs

Orthocell’s CelGro bone regeneration device accelerates dental implant treatment timeframes, cuts costs

Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has achieved a substantial reduction in dental implant treatment timeframes during a study using its CelGro regeneration device which facilitates bone...
Orthocell ASX OCC clinical trial results nerve regeneration platform CelGro

Orthocell unveils first clinical trial results for nerve regeneration platform CelGro

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has provided the first batch of evidence supporting the efficacy of its CelGro nerve regeneration platform. The company published...
Orthocell ASX OCC success rate tendon injury treatment tendinopathy tendonitis

Orthocell hails high success rate for tendon injury treatment

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has announced results from a recent study that shows an 82% success rate using its novel stem cell...
Orthocell ASX OCC tennis elbow tendon cell therapy treatment study results

Orthocell highlights its novel ability to treat tennis elbow

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has posted positive results from a study into its novel tendon cell therapy treatment for tennis elbow. Orthocell says...
Orthocell ASX OCC CelGro clinical study bone regeneration

Orthocell looks forward to strong European market after successful clinical study

Emerging biotech company Orthocell (ASX: OCC) has received positive news regarding its CelGro medical device that improves dental bone regeneration. The clinical study was performed...
Orthocell ASX OCC Canadian patent tendon regeneration tenocyte

Orthocell secures Canadian patent rights for tendon regeneration

Biotechnology focusing on regenerative medicine is making huge strides and setting foot in more countries around the world, this time courtesy of Orthocell (ASX:...