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ESG friendly versus sinful stocks vs perform environmental social governance ASX

ESG friendly versus sinful stocks: which ones perform the best?

In a new era in which environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have been enshrined in the way fundies pick their shares, the so-called ‘sin’ stocks had been largely discounted as reli...
Lake Resources ASX LKE lithium carbonate Novonix tests battery

Lake Resources’ lithium carbonate ‘performs better’ than commercial products during Novonix tests

Aspiring lithium chemical developer for the battery sector Lake Resources (ASX: LKE) has revealed Novonix’s (ASX: NVX) testing on its lithium carbonate has yielded positive results. Battery technol...
Lake Resources ASX LKE Novonix battery high purity lithium

Lake Resources closer to ‘revolutionising’ lithium chemical industry with ‘disruptive’ technology

Lake Resources’ (ASX: LKE) has stepped to the forefront in its plan to “revolutionise” and “disrupt” the global lithium-ion battery sector with its technology partner Lilac Solution’s unique “clean”, ...
NOVONIX ASX NVX manufacture single crystal NMC cathode material Dry Particle Microgranulation

Novonix looks to commercialise ‘breakthrough’ cathode manufacturing technology

Lithium-ion battery technology developer Novonix (ASX: NVX) has developed a fully-patented “breakthrough” cathode manufacturing method using its proprietary dry particle microgranulation (DPMG) proces...
Novonix Tesla collaboration ASX NVX NASDAQ TSLA rumours commercialisation plans research breakthrough

Novonix rockets amid Tesla collaboration rumours, commercialisation plans and research breakthrough

Lithium-ion battery materials and testing pioneer Novonix’s (ASX: NVX) share price has rocketed in recent days amid rumours the company may announce a partnership with electric vehicle giant Tesla, th...
Novonix ASX NVX manufacturing method materials lithium-ion batteries dry particle microgranulation DPMG

Novonix discovers ‘breakthrough’ method for low-cost synthesis of lithium-ion battery materials

A novel method of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries could potentially be on course to make a market impact after Novonix (ASX: NVX) announced it had found a breakthrough. The breakthrough method ...
NOVONIX Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery PUREgraphite anode ASX NVX

Novonix secures long-term supply agreement with lithium-ion battery manufacturer Samsung SDI

Lithium-ion battery enhancer Novonix (ASX: NVX) has struck a cornerstone deal with one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers Samsung SDI. The company develops and sells materials that improv...