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Nanoveu ASX NVU EyeFyx prototype patents presbyopia farsightedness

Nanoveu completes vision correction screen technology EyeFyx, lodges patents

Nanoveu’s (ASX: NVU) has completed the prototype of its far-sighted screen cover correction technology EyeFyx and lodged patents. The prototype has been designed to correct the output from digital ...
Nanoveu ASX NVU antiviral technology Singapore Thailand AIBI NanoShield

Nanoveu signs agreements to distribute antiviral technology in Singapore and Thailand

Technology company Nanoveu (ASX: NVU) has inked an exclusive agreement with Asia-Pacific fitness equipment and wellness provider AIBI Pte Ltd for the distribution of its NanoShield antiviral protectio...
Nanoveu ASX NVU antiviral smartphone screen human coronavirus

Nanoveu’s antiviral smartphone screen protector effective against human coronaviruses

Ongoing independent testing of Nanoveu’s (ASX: NVU) antiviral smartphone screen has further validated its effectiveness against human coronaviruses – shoring up the company’s commercialisation plans f...
Nanoveu antiviral smartphone case screen protector ASX NVU coronavirus

Tests show Nanoveu anti-viral smartphone screen protector can reduce coronavirus particles by 90%

Singapore-based technology company Nanoveu (ASX: NVU) has reported positive results from independent testing of its anti-viral smartphone screen and cover prototype, showing it to be effective against...
Nanoveu ASX NVU EyeFyx lens correcting digital phone tablet

Nanoveu’s third generation vision correcting smartphone and tablet lenses surpass previous versions

Nanoveu (ASX: NVU) has now fabricated its third generation of patented lenses for smartphones and tablets that can be altered using software to correct vision without requiring a user to wear glasses....