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Santos ASX STO operatorship oil and gas permit NeuRizer NRZ Cooper Basin Queensland

Santos to take operatorship of oil and gas permit where NeuRizer holds 20% stake

Emerging urea producer NeuRizer (ASX: NRZ) has unveiled a farm-in deal that will see major Santos (ASX: STO) earn a 50% stake and take operatorship of an oil and gas permit, which NeuRizer owns 20% of...
NeuRizer ASX NRZ Urea Licensor Stamicarbon EPCC FEED

NeuRizer appoints Stamicarbon as urea licensor for SA project

Emerging urea producer NeuRizer (ASX: NRZ) has appointed Dutch fertilising industry expert Stamicarbon as the urea licensor for its flagship urea project in South Australia. Formerly Leigh Creek En...
NeuRizer ASX NRZ Kellogg Brown and Root KBR ammonia licensor urea project

NeuRizer appoints Kellogg Brown and Root as ammonia licensor for urea project

Emerging urea producer NeuRizer (ASX: NRZ) has approved the appointment of top tier global company Kellogg Brown and Root as ammonia licensor for its flagship project in South Australia. Under the ...
NeuRizer DL E&C ASX NRZ front-end engineering design FEED carbon capture storage facility CCS Urea project

NeuRizer engages DL E&C Co to complete FEED for carbon capture and storage facility

Formerly Leigh Creek Energy, emerging urea producer NeuRizer (ASX: NRZ) has secured master engineering company DL E&C Co Ltd to undertake the front-end engineering and design (FEED) for a carbon c...
NeuRizer ASX NRZ South Australia urea Leigh Creek Energy

NeuRizer rebranding breathes new life into proposed SA urea project

A name change for Leigh Creek Energy this week has placed the company firmly on a pathway towards construction of the first domestic urea facility in South Australia. The rebranding to NeuRizer (AS...