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Neuren Pharmaceuticals ASX NEU FDA grants orphan drug designation Phelan-McDermid Pitt Hopkins syndrome

Neuren Pharma granted orphan drug status for treatment of Phelan-McDermid, Pitt Hopkins and Angelman syndromes

A drug developed by Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX: NEU) to treat debilitating childhood neurodevelopmental disorders has been granted orphan drug designation by the US Food...
Neuren Pharmaceuticals ASX NEU NNZ-2591 Pitt Hopkins Angelman syndrome model

Neuren’s NNZ-2591 drug candidate alleviates Pitt Hopkins and Angelman syndrome symptoms

Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX: NEU) has revealed positive pre-clinical results for its NNZ-2591 drug candidate in treating Pitt Hopkins and Angelman syndromes. According to Neuren, its...
Neuren Pharmaceuticals ASX NEU ACADIA Pharma trofinetide Rett Syndrom licence US

Neuren Pharmaceuticals receives first payment in Rett drug licence deal

Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX: NEU) has received the first US$10 million payment under a recently announced licence deal with US-based ACADIA Pharmaceuticals to develop its...
Neuren Pharmaceuticals NEU Phase 3 FDA approval Rett syndrome

FDA greenlights Neuren Pharmaceuticals to kick-off next trial for Rett drug

Melbourne-based Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX: NEU) reported the US Food and Drug Administration has given the greenlight for the company to start phase three trials...