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Diagnostic imaging medical technology ASX stocks Xray CT MRI

Diagnostic imaging: which stock will become the next Pro Medicus?

For all the leaps and bounds in medical science, the know-how behind detecting diseases hasn’t changed much in decades – or even centuries. Take X-rays, which are widely used despite the wee proble...
Micro-X ASX MX1 Transportation Security Agency TSA US Government Department of Homeland Security DHS

US Homeland Security selects Micro-X to develop self-screening x-ray technology for airports

The US Government’s Department of Homeland Security has selected Micro-X (ASX: MX1) to develop its new concept for airport passenger self-screening. Micro-X was chosen after a competitive process t...
Micro-X ASX MX1 receives FDA clearance mobile x-ray technology

Micro-X receives FDA clearance for mobile x-ray technology

Australian technology company Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has obtained early approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell its Rover mobile medical x-ray device in the US. The c...
Micro-X Carestream DRX Revolution Nano Covid-19 ASX MX1

Micro-X posts strong quarterly results as coronavirus boosts x-ray sales

X-ray technology company Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has posted stronger-than-expected first quarter results as orders for its mobile x-ray system grow “substantially” in response to coronavirus-stimulated dem...
Micro-X ASX MX1 Carestream DRX Revolution Nano x-ray

Coronavirus prompts more orders for Micro-X’s mobile x-ray units

Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has collared an additional $1 million in sales for its mobile x-ray technology as governments worldwide scramble to get on top of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. The additiona...
Micro-X coronavirus ASX MX1

Micro-X receives sales boost due to coronavirus outbreak

Micro-X (ASX: MX1) is the latest small cap to benefit commercially from the spreading coronavirus outbreak that is wreaking havoc in China, with the company receiving a large order for its mobile x-ra...
Micro-X ASX MX1 Thales Group aerospace defence transportation security

Micro-X forms long-term alliance with world-leading Thales Group

Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has entered an alliance with Paris-headquartered global aerospace, defence, transportation and security company Thales Group to sell its mobile backscatter imager and develop a “rev...
Micro-X ASX MX1 UK Ministry of Defence x-ray imaging explosive consumer electronics

Micro-X signs up UK Ministry of Defence for airport electronic device scanner

Micro-X (ASX: MX1) has won a coveted UK Ministry of Defence contract to conduct the first phase of Research and Development for a lightweight X-ray imaging system to detect explosives hidden in electr...