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Banks dividends rebound ASX ANZ MQG NAB QFN WBC 2021

Banks are back as dividends rebound

The bank bonanza is officially back, with profits and dividends bouncing back strongly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Westpac (ASX: WBC) showed the way with a better-than-expected half-year cash prof...
Macquarie Nuix float IPO ASX

Macquarie set to redeem itself with $1.5 billion Nuix float

Some investors may have been shocked by Macquarie Group’s (ASX: MQG) 35% net profit slump but there is every chance that the investment bank could come back bigger and stronger. One of the ways it ...
Macquarie Group ASX MQG millionaire’s factory covid-19

Millionaire’s factory punctured by COVID-19

In yet more evidence that nobody is immune from the financial ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the so-called millionaire’s factory – Macquarie Group (ASX: MQG) – has warned that its earnings have bee...
Australia's banking sector Hayne Royal Commission banks

Australia’s banking sector is about to experience major changes

Finally, Australia’s big bankers can relax for a little while as their time of giving evidence before the Hayne Royal Commission comes to an end. However, the relief will very short lived because w...
Macquarie bank ASX MQG royal commission

Macquarie model sets the example for other big banks to follow

Could Macquarie (ASX: MQG), the investment bank unkindly or perhaps jealously nicknamed the “millionaires factory”, be the shining example by which Australia’s other big banks will need to measure the...
Bank shares bashing Commonwealth Royal Commission

Bank shares offer potential despite ongoing dramas and bank bashing

It is hard to remember a worse time to be a banker in Australia. Indeed, you could excuse bankers for pretending to be used car salespeople or even journalists at parties, just so people didn’t att...