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Elevate Uranium ASX EL8 Marenica Energy MEY

Marenica Energy transforms into Elevate Uranium as sector grows and money flows

In November 2020, Marenica Energy (ASX: MEY) raised $5.4 million at $0.088 per share. On Friday, just over six months later, that same stock closed at $0.35 per share — just one more uranium compan...
Uranium stocks rally nations emissions targets CO2 carbon baseload

Uranium stocks rally as nations tighten emissions targets

The uranium industry is setting up for an accelerated rise in prices with a supply deficit looming and demand growing as governments target ‘cleaner and greener’ energy sources – a sector in which nuc...
Uranium US senate Trump strategic reserve stocks

Uranium stocks take off as US Senate committee clears Trump plan for strategic reserve

The US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has passed a bill that approves the establishment of a national uranium strategic reserve. The new bill, which will almost certainly pass the...
Marenica Energy ASX MEY uranium mining upgrade u-pgrade Angela

Marenica Energy again reduces uranium mining cost, lowers threshold for production economics

While Marenica Energy (ASX: MEY) is focused on its flagship Namibian uranium projects as the prime potential company makers, it is not letting the grass grow under its feet with its second pillar, a c...
Marenica Energy ASX MEY uranium Namibia U-pgrade

Marenica Energy builds two-pronged uranium strategy, has “first-mover advantage” when prices improve

Uranium company Marenica Energy (ASX: MEY) has outlined the strategic advantages of its Namibian and Australian asset portfolio in a new presentation. The company included a map underlining its rec...
Marenica Energy ASX MEY Minerva uranium project gold Northern Territory

Marenica Energy identifies uranium and gold at Minerva as uranium fundamentals firm

Marenica Energy (ASX: MEY) has identified uranium and gold at its recently acquired Minerva project in Australia’s Northern Territory. The uranium and gold mineralisation were discovered through a ...
Uranium supply shortage mining Cameco Cigar Lake mine Covid19 coronavirus

Is the long-awaited supply shock finally here for uranium?

Canada’s Cameco this week announced it was shuttering Cigar Lake, the world’s largest uranium mine, for at least four weeks after directives from the Canadian and Saskatchewan provincial governments. ...
Metals Australia Marenica Energy ASX MLS MEY uranium lithium exploration

From uranium to lithium: a divergent exploration path for Metals Australia and Marenica Energy

Earlier today, Metals Australia (ASX: MLS) has said it entered into a binding agreement to divest its entire interest in the Mile 72 uranium project to uranium explorer Marenica Energy (ASX: MEY). ...