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Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG demonstration plant financial close RnD Funding

Latrobe Magnesium signs $23m loan to fund demonstration plant

Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) has taken out a $23 million loan to fund ongoing construction of its demonstration magnesium production plant in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. The company signed the docum...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG Spray Roaster Town Hall Demonstration Plant March 2022

Latrobe Magnesium’s Victorian plant site ready for construction as Chinese magnesium price stabilises

Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) has completed 40% of the engineering and early works required for its Victorian site, with the site now ready for construction. This comes as the company reports that, af...
Latrobe Magnesium LMG ASX demonstration plant construction Victoria Latrobe Valley

Latrobe Magnesium prepares for start of demonstration plant’s major construction phase

Early works for Latrobe Magnesium’s (ASX: LMG) 1,000 tonnes per annum magnesium demonstration plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley have paved the way for remediation and preparation of the site for majo...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG Hazelwood North DG & J Di Fabrizio Steel Fabrications

Latrobe Magnesium buys site of proposed magnesium demonstration plant

Clean metals producer Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) has announced its intention to buy a property in Victoria that it has been leasing for the last eight months for $4.5 million. The company today s...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG Valley engineering

Latrobe Magnesium moves closer to construction of demonstration plant

Clean metals producer Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) is moving closer towards construction of a demonstration magnesium processing plant located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The company said some of...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG revenue forecast metals price rebound Yallourn Victoria brown coal offtake

Latrobe Magnesium lifts revenue forecasts as metal’s price rebounds

Demand for magnesium metal remains strong with the price rebounding and allowing emerging producer Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) to lift its revenue forecasts. The company says if the current price ho...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG Latrobe Valley ESG placement

Latrobe Magnesium raises $11.5m to accelerate construction of magnesium plant

Amid mounting demanding and customer enquiries for its proposed magnesium products, Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) has completed an $11.5 million placement – enabling it to fast-track construction of it...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG demonstration plant expansion

Latrobe Magnesium to expand magnesium plant amid increasing enquiries and global shortage

Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) is looking to expand its proposed magnesium demonstration plant in Victoria to 10,000 tonnes per annum as the world faces a critical shortage. Following a decision from...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG production world severe metal shortage Victoria Latrobe Valley

Latrobe Magnesium heading into production as world faces severe metal shortage

The timing could not have been better. Last week, Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) announced an oversubscribed $3 million placement, money that will be used to fast-track completion of design and engineer...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG placement Latrobe Valley ESG

Latrobe Magnesium raises $3m to fast-track demonstration magnesium plant project

Clean metals producer Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) has secured $3 million through a share placement to fast-track design and engineering work on a demonstration magnesium plant in Victoria’s Latrobe V...
Latrobe Magnesium ASX LMG feasibility tudy construction stage Victoria Latrobe Valley Yallourn ash

Latrobe Magnesium moves to construction stage of new production plant, targets increased global demand

Development company Latrobe Magnesium (ASX: LMG) is moving forward with construction of its proposed $54 million magnesium production plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, as part of an agreement signed...