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K-TIG ASX KTG Hanwha Defense Australia Hanwha Defense Corporation armoured steel welding

K-TIG’s welding samples for armoured vehicles get tick of approval from Hanwha Defense Australia

Welding technology company K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has reached its first milestone in developing advanced keyhole welding procedures for Hanwha Defense Australia and Hanwha Defense Corporation with samples a...
K-TIG ASX KTG Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre AMRC

K-TIG signs deal to supply robotic welding cells for UK nuclear decommissioning activities

Australian welding specialist K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has secured a deal with a UK-based nuclear body to advance a technology designed to streamline nuclear power plant decommissioning. A memorandum of un...
K-TIG ASX KTG Key Plant Automation welding

K-TIG partners with Key Plant Automation to distribute advanced welding products to UK market

Perth-based high-speed welding technology company K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has signed a five-year agreement with British welding automation manufacturer and integrator Key Plant Automation to distribute its p...
K-TIG ASX KTG United States US distribution deal DT Gruelle Group Westmoreland Advanced Technology Centre

K-TIG boosts US presence via distribution deal with DT Gruelle Group, leases new facilities

High-speed welding technology developer K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has boosted its presence in the prime US market via a distribution agreement with DT Gruelle Group (DTGruelle) which will manage K-TIG’s supply...
K-TIG ASX KTG Hanwha Defense Australia armoured vehicles South Korea

K-TIG signs deal with major international military manufacturer Hanwha

Welding specialist K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has inked a deal with international defence manufacturer Hanwha Defence Corporation and Hanwha Defence Australia Pty Ltd to develop welding technology to help build...
K-TIG ASX KTG KTIG Axiom federal funding Centre for Defence Industry Capability welding technology

K-TIG begins welding technology rollout to Australian defence with partner Axiom Precision Manufacturing’s government grant

K-TIG’s (ASX: KTG) defence industry partner Axiom Precision Manufacturing has collared $1 million in federal government funding to fast-track deployment of K-TIG’s proprietary advanced welding technol...
K-TIG ASX KTG carbon steel market disruptive welding technology high strength A516 Grade 70

K-TIG sets sights on US$800b global carbon steel market with disruptive welding technology

K-TIG (ASX: KTG) is geared up to shoulder into the US$800 billion global carbon steel market after successfully developing welding procedures for the material. Using its disruptive keyhole welding ...
K-TIG ASX KTG record revenue cash receipts December quarter 2020

K-TIG posts record revenue and cash receipts for December quarter

Welding technology company K-TIG Limited (ASX: KTG) has posted a record $409,000 in revenue and $458,000 in cash receipts for the three months to December 2020, with continued momentum expected over t...
K-TIG ASX KTG Key Plan Automation welding

K-TIG teams up with Key Plant Automation to underpin US expansion of proprietary welding technology

Welding technology developer K-TIG’s (ASX: KTG) expansion plans in the US are progressing with the company revealing its had secured its first distribution partner. The formal five-year distributio...
K-TIG ASX KTG December 2020 welding technology

K-TIG reveals strong sales as expansion continues in Australia and the US

High-speed welding technology developer K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has revealed a significant increase in revenue for the December quarter to date, showing it is making real progress in the execution of its gro...
K-TIG welding industry technology time costs quality ASX KTG

K-TIG disrupts welding industry with technology that cuts down time and costs, improves quality

Welding specialist K-TIG (ASX: KTG) is already bearing the fruit of its four-pronged growth strategy, which aims to develop sovereign capability for Australia’s upcoming defence procurements and stren...
K-TIG ASX KTG Axiom Precision Manufacturing Bisalloy Steels Australian Defence

K-TIG allies with two contractors to develop sovereign capability for Australia’s defence industry

After several months of radio silence, high-speed welding technology developer K-TIG (ASX: KTG) returned to the market to announce a newly-signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Axiom Precision...
K-TIG ASX KTG Steel-Ti Precision Welding WaaS licence agreement Southeast Asia

K-TIG signs welding licencing deal with Singapore industrials group

Newly-listed Adelaide company K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has signed a licencing agreement with Steel-Ti Precision Welding Pte Ltd in Singapore for the supply of welding technology and support services to a purp...
K-TIG ASX KTG industrial welding technology

Industrial welding gets set for major disruption as K-TIG completes ASX listing

ASX-newcomer K-TIG (ASX: KTG) has made its market debut this morning, bringing forth its industry-disruptive and award-winning welding technology. The self-described “welding disruptor” is looking ...