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Jatenergy ASX JAT retail store Zhengzhou China

Jatenergy announces flagship retail store in China

Monetising Chinese retail shoppers is turning from a distribution to direct shopper experience for cross-border goods company Jatenergy (ASX: JAT). Jatenergy has signed a binding agreement to open ...
Jatenergy ASX JAT acquire daigou wholesaler Green Forest International

Jatenergy looks to acquire key daigou wholesaler Green Forest International

Cross-border specialist company Jatenergy (ASX: JAT) has revealed its intention to acquire a controlling interest in Green Forest International, a Sydney-based wholesaler, distributor and exporter to ...
Jatenergy ASX JAT Shanghai Dragon Australia China

Jatenergy continues building up Australian and Chinese cross-border market relations

Jatenergy (ASX: JAT) is maintaining its commercial momentum as the company announced a Letter of Intent (LoI) signed with Shanghai Dragon Corporation (SDC). According to company director Wilton Yao...
Abundant Produce Jatenergy ASX ABT JAT China

Abundant Produce teams up with China-focused Jatenergy

Two ASX-listed companies emerging on the back of an exclusive focus on China, have signed an international supply agreement to further their commercial interests. Abundant Natural Health (ANH), cur...
Jatenergy ASX JAT milk powder Jiangsu Jbingo International China

Australia-China commercial relationship continues flourishing for Jatenergy

Following on from recent positive developments regarding Jatenergy’s takeover target Golden Koala, business-to-business facilitator Jatenergy (ASX: JAT) has said that it has entered into a distributio...
Jatenergy ASX JAT Chinese market Golden Koala

Jatenergy nears Chinese market commercialisation through Golden Koala

Jatenergy (ASX: JAT) takeover target Golden Koala has been invited to establish a flagship store on a leading cross-border sales platform called Kaola.com. Jatenergy is in the process of acquiring ...
Jatenergy ASX JAT China infant milk Golden Koala

Jatenergy increases exposure to China’s infant milk market though Golden Koala acquisition

Jatenergy (ASX: JAT) has secured a 51% stake in Golden Koala which produces Australian-made infant formula and powdered milk for adults and sells into China’s market. According to Jatenergy, Golden...