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Invion IVX ASX study Photosoft INV043 regress triple negative breast cancer tumours

Study shows Invion’s INV043 could regress triple negative breast cancer tumours

A pilot proof-of-concept study by life sciences company Invion (ASX: IVX) has shown a complete regression of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in vivo following treatment with lead active pharmaceu...
Invion ASX IVX life sciences capital raise next-gen photodynamic therapy treat infectious diseases atherosclerosis Photosoft

Invion has productive quarter following $4.5m capital raise for next-gen photodynamic therapy to treat billion-dollar diseases

Life sciences group Invion Group (ASX: IVX) has progressed the development of its next-generation photodynamic therapy for the treatment of various illnesses, boosted by part proceeds of a $4.5 millio...
Invion Group ASX IVX applications next-generation photodynamic therapy infectious diseases INV043 bacterial viral fungal parasitic atherosclerosis heart

Invion Group eyes multiple applications for next-generation photodynamic therapy

While Invion Group (ASX: IVX) progresses its next-generation photodynamic therapy INV043 for treating cancers, it is also advancing the therapy’s potential in combating bacterial, viral, fungal, paras...
Invion ASX IVX photodynamic therapy treat cancers

Invion advances ‘exciting’ photodynamic therapy to treat a range of cancers

Life sciences company Invion Group (ASX: IVX) is rapidly advancing its next-generation photodynamic therapy INV043 for treating numerous cancers. The drug is under development in collaboration with...
Invion Group ASX IVX Photosoft photodynamic therapy technology atherosclerosis infectious diseases cancer

Invion Group to expand its promising photodynamic therapy technology into new markets

On the back of promising proof-of-concept results on a range of cancers, Invion Group (ASX: IVX) is looking to advance its novel photodynamic therapy (PDT) technology for the treatment of atherosclero...
Invion ASX IVX Photosoft Technology positive pre-clinical results photodynamic therapy ovarian cancer

Invion unveils positive pre-clinical results for photodynamic therapy of ovarian cancer

Life-sciences company Invion (ASX: IVX) has published results from a pre-clinical study that could eventuate into an important development for women’s health. Research conducted by the Hudson Insti...
Invion IVX ASX Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre penile anal cancer

Invion and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to trial photodynamic therapy on penile and anal cancers

Melbourne-based Invion (ASX: IVX) will collaborate with world renowned research organisation Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) regarding pre-clinical research into the impact of Invion’s photo...
Invion ASX IVX P02 vivo experiments test metastatic cancers

Invion reveals Photosoft technology’s potential for treating metastatic cancer

Cancer drug developer Invion (ASX: IVX) has announced results from recent animal studies that demonstrate the potential for its photosensitiser technology to treat metastatic cancer. The company is...
Invion ASX IVX Photosoft cancer therapy

Invion improves upon Photosoft non-immunosuppressive cancer therapy

Life sciences company Invion (ASX: IVX) has reported that it has managed to increase the effectiveness of its non-immunosuppressive cancer therapy technology following the development of a new formula...
Invion ASX IVX Photosoft technology ovarian cancer

Invion substantiates Photosoft technology in ongoing fight against ovarian cancer

Life sciences company Invion (ASX: IVX) is currently developing a non-immunosuppressive treatment for a range of cancers using its Photosoft technology. Invion has confirmed that initial characteri...
Invion ASX IVX Hudson Institute Medical Research Photosoft cancer treatment technology

Invion and Hudson join forces to advance non-toxic Photosoft cancer treatment technology

Invion (ASX: IVX) has united with Hudson Institute of Medical Research to collaborate on advancing Invion’s cancer treatment technology Photosoft. The alliance opens the door for the parties to wor...