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Immutep EOC Pharma ASX IMM metastatic breast cancer efti

Immutep’s Chinese partner launches phase II clinical trial for patients with metastatic breast cancer

Global biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has announced its Chinese partner EOC Pharma will commence a phase II clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of lead drug eftilagimod alpha ...
Immutep ASX IMM parallel clinical trials lead drug eftilagimod alpha cancer

Immutep announces improved results in two parallel clinical trials into lead drug eftilagimod alpha

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has unveiled results from two parallel clinical studies into its lead drug eftilagimod alpha, citing “improving results” and “encouraging” early anti-tumour ac...
Immutep ASX IMM US patent LAG525 antibody treating various cancers antibody Novartis

Immutep receives US patent for the use of LAG525 antibody in treating various cancers

Biotech company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has been granted a US patent directed to embodiments of LAG525, a humanised form of its IMP701 antibody. The patent is directed to nucleic acid molecules which co...
Immutep ASX IMM interim results cancer clinical studies R&D grant

Immutep publishes interim results for two ongoing studies, scoops $3.6 million in R&D grant

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has published results from two ongoing clinical studies, just days after revealing it received €2.1 million (A$3.6 million) in research and development tax inc...
Immutep ASX IMM FDA IND metastatic breast cancer

Immutep receives further FDA approval for efti cancer drug

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for an investigational new drug (IND) application relating to its lead product candidate eftilag...
Immutep positive data TACTI-002 cancer ASX IMM biotech

Immutep reports positive data from ongoing trial into cancer drug efti

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) is set to unveil interim data from its ongoing phase 2 TACTI-002 study into its efti drug at the 34th German Cancer Congress in Berlin, Germany taking place to...
Immutep ASX IMM clinical trial lead drug candidate eftilagimod alpha

Immutep expands clinical trial for lead drug candidate efti

Biotech company Immutep (ASX: IMM) intends to expand ongoing development of its lead drug candidate eftilagimod alpha, otherwise known as “efti”, after welcoming positive clinical data from its TACTI-...
Immutep ASX IMM TACTI-mel Melanoma tumour shrinkage Phase I clinical study Keytruda metastatic melanoma

Positive safety data reported from Immutep’s clinical trial to treat metastatic melanoma

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has reported “mature positive efficacy data” from a phase I clinical study combining lead drug candidate eftilagimod alpha with Keytruda in the treatment of me...
Immutep ASX IMM Phase II clinical trial positive interim data immunotherapy cancer

Immutep recruits more patients for non-small cell lung cancer trial, banks milestone payment from GlaxoSmithKline

Sydney-based biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has reported a successful roll-out to part A of its TACTI-002 phase II clinical trial for patients with previously-untreated, inoperable or metast...
Immutep ASX IMM Japanese biotech Cytlimic therapeutic cancer vaccine efti

Immutep signs agreements with Japanese biotech to develop therapeutic cancer vaccine

Australian biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has entered into three agreements with Japanese cancer vaccine development company Cytlimic Inc for its lead product candidate eftilagimod alpha. ...
Immutep ASX IMM patent Europe lead cancer drug candidate eftilagimod alpha

Immutep delivers flurry of developments for lead cancer drug candidate ‘eftilagimod alpha’

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has brought out a flurry of developments over the past few days including new data from its ongoing TACTI-mel Phase 1 clinical trial as well as two distinct ne...
Immutep ASX IMM TACTI-mel data phase 1 cancer autoimmune diseases

Immutep on track to develop novel solution to cancer and autoimmune diseases

Dual-listed biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has published new data from its ongoing TACTI-mel phase 1 clinical trial and presented its findings at the 33rd annual meeting of the Society for I...
Immutep ASX IMM Merck Pfizer immunotherapy treatment

Immutep joins forces with Merck and Pfizer to advance immunotherapy treatment

Biotechnology company Immutep (ASX: IMM) has announced a trial collaboration and supply agreement with Merck KGaA and Pfizer Inc. The agreement allows the emergent biotech company to evaluate a com...
Immutep ASX IMM biotech recruits final patient melanoma trial Canada patent antibody

Immutep recruits final patient for melanoma trial, receives Canadian patent for antibody

Australian biotech developer Immutep (ASX: IMM) has provided an update on the ongoing clinical development of its immunotherapy product efti, as well as its partnered clinical programs. The company...
Immutep ASX IMM encouraging progress clinical trial melanoma study

Immutep broadcasts encouraging progress of its clinical trial

Biotech developer Immutep (ASX: IMM) unveiled new data in a public webcast regarding its ongoing melanoma study. The Australian biotech company said that it has achieved long-lasting and durable respo...
Immutep ASX IMM Merck novel clinical trial cancer

Merck and Immutep to collaborate on novel clinical trial

US pharma giant Merck & Co, is maintaining it proactive Australian streak, by announcing a collaborative deal with Australian biotech company Immutep (ASX: IMM), as part of clinical trials of thei...