Impression Healthcare ASX IHL cannabis medicine dronabinol treatment sleep apnoea

Impression Healthcare signs deal to progress cannabis medicine ‘dronabinol’ towards treatment of sleep apnoea

Impression Healthcare’s (ASX: IHL) dronabinol project has taken on anther dimension after the company signed a memorandum of understanding and exclusivity agreement with RespireRx...
Impression Healthcare 1300SMILES ASX IHL ONT supply agreement dentist mouthguard

Impression Healthcare scores exclusive supply agreement with corporate dentist 1300SMILES

Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has recently made a lot of moves in the medicinal cannabis space, including receiving its cannabis distribution licenses last week. This...
Impression Healthcare medical cannabis CBD licences special access scheme Authorised Prescribers THC

Impression Healthcare secures licences to facilitate medical cannabis activities

One of Australia’s newest entrants to the medical cannabis industry, Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL), has reached what it says is an important milestone in...
Impression Healthcare strikes cornerstone deal for next generation of FiTGuard mouthguards

Impression Healthcare strikes cornerstone deal for next generation of FiTGuard mouthguards

Dental impression company Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has kicked off 2019 with a deal with Force Impact Technologies, a US-based life science company. The deal intends...
Impression Healthcare ASX IHL international expansion medicinal cannabis mouthguards

Impression Healthcare widens operations for international expansion

Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) announced this morning that it has formally lodged its application to possess and supply “scheduled substances”, namely cannabinoids, in Australia. Once...
Impression Healthcare ASX IHL signs exclusive licensing deal dronabinol medicinal cannabis

Impression Healthcare signs exclusive licensing deal to market America’s first ever cannabinoid medication

The commercial landscape is shifting rapidly for Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL), as the dental impression company continues its foray into medicinal cannabis. Impression manufacturers a...
Impression Healthcare ASX IHL medicinal cannabis license application

Impression Healthcare prepares medical cannabis market launch

Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has embarked on its mission to become one of Australia’s first licensed distributors of medicinal cannabis products, after commencing the application...
Impression Healthcare ASX IHL cannabis product range AXIM Biotechnologies

Impression Healthcare prepares to unveil cannabis product range

Dental impression company Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has confirmed that it will make a foray into developing a range of cannabis-based products that could potentially...
Gameday Mouthguards Impression Healthcare ASX IHL AFL Gary Ablett Jr NRL

Gameday Mouthguards becomes AFL’s official licensee

Australia’s largest dental impression company Impression Healthcare (ASX: IHL) has quite possibly scored its biggest commercial goal to date, after being signed up as...