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EOFY tax losses shares ASX 30 June end of financial year

Shares that could make for handy EOFY tax losses

In keeping with the pre-30 June end of financial year (EOFY) vibe, this week your columnist opines on a few well-known underperformers that arguably are worthy of being sacrificed on the altar of the ...
Equity Trustees ASX trustee trusts super superannuation fund manager

One of Australia’s oldest listed companies follows super new path

The walls of the Melbourne headquarters of Equity Trustees (ASX: EQT) are adorned with the portraits of former prime ministers, premiers and governor generals who have served on the board of the state...
Investment platform Australia Praemium Powerwrap ASX

What to look out for as the $800bn investment platform sector feeds on itself

The head of investment platform Praemium (ASX: PPS) Michael Ohanessian sounds like he’s channelling the coronavirus when he says that “like any living organism, any organisation wants to survive.” ...
IOOF ANZ ASX IFL superannuation financial planning industry Royal Commission

Royal Commission fallout doesn’t stop IOOF takeover

In a move that has sent waves of relief through the embattled financial planning industry, IOOF’s (ASX: IFL) protracted moves to take over ANZ Bank's (ASX: ANZ) superannuation business have finally be...