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ASX biotech stocks COVID-19 life science

ASX biotech stocks benefiting from the COVID-19 story

Normally investors shun speculative plays in times of market uncertainties, but that’s not been the case with ASX-listed life science stocks across the drug, diagnostics and device sectors. Natural...
Genetic Technologies Covid-19 testing capacity accredited laboratory NATA CLIA

Genetic Technologies gets set for a temporary transition to mass-scale COVID-19 testing

Molecular diagnostics company Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) has thrown its weight towards mitigating the effects of COVID-19 by drafting a “detailed implementation plan” that could see its genetic t...
Genetic Technologies ASX GTG risk tests colorectal breast cancer

Genetic Technologies launches two new early-warning cancer detection tests

Genetic risk assessment company Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) has unveiled two new ground-breaking cancer risk assessment tests for both colorectal and breast cancer. Branded as “GeneType for Col...
Genetic Technologies ASX GTG Translational Genomics Research Institute TGen partners US research centre commercialise polygenic risk tests

Genetic Technologies partners with US research centre to commercialise polygenic risk tests

Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) has entered into an agreement with US-based Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) to develop and commercialise a suite of polygenic risks tests for the Ameri...
Genetic Technologies ASX GTG China market

Genetic Technologies taps China’s market with locally-based operation

Genetic risk assessment company Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) has officially established its Asia-based operations within China’s Hainan Resort Software Community Free Trade Zone – giving the compan...
Genetic Technologies ASX GTG Beijing Zishan Health breast cancer screening China

Genetic Technologies casts BREVAGenplus into growing Chinese health market

Molecular diagnostics company Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) is following other industries into China’s flourishing health market with news it has signed a heads of agreement with Beijing Zishan Heal...
Genetic Technologies ASX GTG University Melbourne breast cancer test women hereditary risk

Genetic Technologies works with University of Melbourne to expand breast cancer test to women with hereditary risk

Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) has struck an agreement with the University of Melbourne to enhance and broaden its genetic breast cancer risk assessment test to include women with a hereditary risk. ...