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Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO Microsoft career advisory

Gooroo Ventures signs commercial agreement with Microsoft

Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) has collared a commercial agreement with Microsoft Corporation, paving the way for Gooroo’s career solutions technology to be rolled-out at universities, colleges and school...
Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO Amrop Carmichael Fisher artificial intelligence recruitment industry

Gooroo Ventures partners with Amrop Carmichael Fisher to harness artificial intelligence within recruitment industry

The world of executive search and recruitment is on course for a radical shakeup courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI). Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) is focused on harnessing the power of AI to ens...
Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO AI learning platform Microsoft

Gooroo Ventures set to launch AI learning platform in collaboration with Microsoft

Rapid technological progress and widespread automation have made the labour market more challenging and competitive but people analytics company Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) believes it has a viable sol...
Gooroo Ventures ASX GOO secures master services agreement with KPMG

KPMG to deploy Gooroo Ventures’ artificial intelligence product

People analytics company Gooroo Ventures (ASX: GOO) is taking artificial intelligence to the next level for the benefit of the globally-renowned auditing and accountancy firm, KPMG. The news surpri...