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EZZ Life Science China 618 e-commerce shopping event festival sales

Increased demand for EZZ’s hero products at China’s 618 shopping event

While China overcomes another period of COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions, its second largest annual e-commerce shopping event experienced more than 10% higher demand than last year’s event ...
Ethically produced personal care beauty markets EZZ Life Science ASX

Rising interest in ethically produced personal care and beauty markets across the globe

The market for ethically sourced and made health, well-being, beauty and personal care products has seen a spike in consumer interest in recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a growing prefer...
EZZ Life Science ASX cross-border e-commerce store China’s version TikTok Douyin

EZZ debuts cross-border e-commerce store on China’s version of TikTok – Douyin

EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) has launched a cross-border e-commerce store on Douyin, in a bid to drive sales growth and brand awareness. Douyin is mainland China’s version of TikTok that is availabl...
EZZ Life Science ASX genomic dietary supplement growth TGA

EZZ Life Science takes genomic approach toward dietary supplement growth

Last month, Australian life science company EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) delivered yet another TGA-registered genomic dietary supplement to market, with the company’s management team confident about th...
EZZ Life Science ASX NAD+ vitamin B3 nicotinamide nicotinic acid niacin

EZZ Life Science serves up timely NAD+ product offering

At a time of heightened health awareness following the COVID pandemic, Australian life science company EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) has unveiled its new NAD+ supplement to boost people’s health and wel...
EZZ Life Science ASX genomics Eaoron NMN

EZZ Life Science seeks to build long-term value position in genomics

EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) has published financial results for the first half of the current financial year (H1 FY2022), with co-founder and interim chief executive officer Mark Qin saying the compan...
EZZ Life Science ASX gastrointestinal health conference Sydney helicobacter pylori HP bacteria probiotic

EZZ Life Science hosts gastrointestinal health conference in Sydney

There is a palatable global trend towards greater health consciousness and it’s accelerating, Australian life science company EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) told attendees at its gastrointestinal health ...
Functional food market EZZ Life Science ASX

Global functional food trends create fertile market for EZZ Life Science

The global functional food market is currently undergoing a commercial renaissance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with several nutraceutical manufacturers and distributors seeking to capitalise. Uns...
EZZ Life Science ASX online shopping platform e-commerce Eaoron

EZZ Life Science widens sales and distribution network

In a periodic investor update, genomic life science company EZZ Life Science (ASX: EZZ) announced it has achieved several commercial milestones in the last three months of 2021 including the setting o...
EZZ Life Science ASX helicobacter pylori reclassification HP irritable bowel syndrome IBS

EZZ Life Science looks to capitalise on helicobacter pylori reclassification

In a bid to improve digestive health worldwide, EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) intends to widen distribution of its range of probiotics, specifically, its duo of recently launched biotic capsule...
EZZ Life Science Holdings ASX 2022 health

EZZ Life Science Holdings heads into 2022 with dynamic growth plans

EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) is heading into 2022 with a new chairman at the helm and plans to build on its successes of 2021 – eyeing more product growth and further international expansion. ...
EZZ Life Science ASX Glenn Cross helicobacter pylori treatments Biotic HHP Support Probiotic EnGastro Capsule

EZZ Life Science welcomes new chairman amid launch of helicobacter pylori treatments

Healthcare company EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) has stepped up its focus on genomic health, announcing the launch of two new consumer health products to be sold in pharmacies across Australia....
EZZ Life Sciences ASX genomics precision nutrition

EZZ Life Science moves into genomics and precision nutrition space

Healthcare company EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) has announced plans to diversify into genomics and precision nutrition following its initial foray into over-the-counter dietary supplements las...
EZZ Life Science ASX genomic health products

EZZ Life Science transforms from distributor to integrated producer of genomic health products

Recently listed EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX: EZZ) has unveiled the four-pronged business strategy that is enabling it to transform to a fully integrated life science company focused on genomic heal...
IPO winners losers 2021 ASX mania performance best initial public offering

Picking the winners from the losers amid the ongoing IPO mania

Like climbers queuing below the Mt Everest summit before the next blizzard sets in, private vendors are continuing to join the initial public offer (IPO) conga line before the market turns foul. Or...
Health and wellness stocks beauty ASX 2021 small caps

Health and wellness stocks that deliver prosperity and vitality

It seems the only advertisers these days are Harvey Norman, sports betting shops and Chemist Warehouse and Priceline with their pages of pills and unguents. Indeed, the term “health and wellness” m...