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Dotz Nano ASX DTZ graphene quantum dots oxidative stress stroke heart attack

Dotz Nano finds graphene quantum dots effective in treating brain injuries, strokes and heart attacks

Technology specialist Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) is looking to commercialise its graphene quantum dots (GQD) after new research found GQD can be effective in...
Dotz Nano ASX DTZ nanotechnology China tobacco industry Brilliant Circle ValiDotz

Dotz Nano showcases nanotechnology for China’s tobacco industry

Technology company Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has provided further proof of its ultimate nanotechnology pudding by conducting an industrial production pilot in Shenzhen, China. The company said it...
Dotz Nano ASX DTZ Fluoresnic liquid tracing fracking field trial

Dotz Nano reports successful field trial for new tracing solution

Technology specialist Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has moved a step closer to commercialising its Fluorensic bulk liquid tracing solution after a fracking field trial...
Dotz Nano ASX DTZ graphene Validotz

Graphene future begins to pay off for Dotz Nano

Graphene-focused technology company Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has secured a “firm purchase order” for 10 kilograms of its Validotz product and says such deals...
Dotz Nano ASX DTZ graphene quantum dots Recochem

Dotz Nano to explore selling graphene quantum dots in Australia following agreement with Recochem

Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) is planning to sell its graphene quantum dots into Australia and New Zealand after securing an exclusive distribution agreement with...
Dotz Nano ASX DTZ China graphene quantum dots

Dotz Nano clinches US$15M agreement to sell graphene quantum dots into China

Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has clinched an exclusive three-year distribution and sales agreement to sell US$15 million of its graphene quantum dots to joint...
Dotz Nano DTZ sells first graphene quantum dots

Dotz Nano sells first graphene quantum dots for anti-counterfeiting and optical brighteners

Nano-technology company Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has received its first major sales order for its graphene quantum dots worth A$135,000. The graphene quantum dots are...
Dotz Nano DTZ ASX lithium-ion battery market graphene technology

Dotz Nano to enter lithium-ion battery market through graphene technology

Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has established a program to develop a graphene quantum dots (GQDs) embedded cathode for use in the lithium-ion battery market. This...