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Compumedics US FDA approval Orion LifeSpan MEG ASX CMP

US FDA approves Compumedics’ MEG neuroimaging technology enabling insurers to be billed

Compumedics (ASX: CMP) has collared US Food and Drug Administration approval for its neuroimaging technology, enabling insurers to be billed for the scan. On Friday, the FDA officially granted 510(...
Compumedics ASX CMP medical device profit Neuroscan DWL Elektronishe Germany US Australia brain monitor sleep blood flow

Compumedics boosts after tax profit by 133%

Compumedics (ASX: CMP) has delivered a net after tax profit of $2.8 million for the full year ending June 2018 – an increase of 133% on the previous year’s $1.3 million. Meanwhile, earnings before ...
Compumedics ASX CMP distribution agreement Japan Fukuda Denshi

Compumedics’ new distribution agreement strengthens ongoing growth in Asia’s neuro-diagnostic and monitoring market

Australia-based medical device company Compumedics (ASX: CMP) has continued its ongoing development and focus in Asia with a new three-year distribution agreement with one of Japan’s leading medical d...
Compumedics Somfit Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings joint venture sleep monitoring

Compumedics plans to ‘make history’ with Somfit health joint venture in China

Compumedics (ASX: CMP) has entered into an agreement with leading China-based health-check organisation Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings (Health 100) to work together over the next 90 days to fin...
Compumedics ASX CMP China distribution

Compumedics signs major distribution agreements in China worth at least A$15m

Compumedics (ASX: CMP) has negotiated a new distribution agreements with three of the company’s long-standing distributors in China, for its sleep, neuro-diagnostic and monitoring systems. The agreem...
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Compumedics confirms sustainable profitability with contract win and continued eHealth growth forecast

One of Australia’s leading medical device companies, Compumedics (ASX: CMP), announced this week, record sales orders of A$18.5 million for first half year having secured its largest system contract i...