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CFoam and American Maglev Technology of Florida expand development of novel cooling solution for US aircrafts

Carbon foam developer CFoam (ASX: CFO) has extended its partnership with American Maglev Technology of Florida (AMT), which involves developing a novel cooling solution for aircraft carrier jet blast ...
CFOAM ASX CFO CONSOL Energy coal carbon June 2021

CFoam reveals key coal-to-carbon project achievements during June quarter

The June quarter has seen inorganic carbon foam manufacturer CFoam (ASX: CFO) achieve critical milestones on a coal-to-carbon project funded by the US Department of Energy. The project – titled “Co...
CFoam ASX CFO Ohio University Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT carbon R&D research and development

CFoam enters US R&D partnerships to advance the use of carbon products in building industry

Australian inorganic carbon material manufacturer CFoam (ASX: CFO) has entered into key partnerships with two US tertiary institutions based on enhancing the development of carbon products from coal. ...
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CFoam forges ahead with disruptive technology to make carbon foam products from coal

Inorganic carbon foam material manufacturer CFoam (ASX: CFO) has updated the market on the progress of its US government-funded project as it moves towards commissioning equipment in West Virginia. ...
Cfoam ASX CFO Touchstone Research Laboratory coal United States Senator Joe Manchin Secretary Jennifer Granholm Department of Energy

CFoam’s coal-based products showcased at US National Energy Technology Laboratory exhibition

CFoam’s (ASX: CFO) exposure in the United States market has broadened after it showcased its technologies to US Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Senator Joe Manchin. On behalf o...
CFoam ASX CFO US United States Department of Energy coal carbon products Triadelphia

CFoam advances US Department of Energy funded project for the manufacture of coal-derived carbon products

Inorganic carbon foam material manufacturer CFoam (ASX: CFO) is advancing a US-funded project targeting applications which could utilise its coal-derived carbon foam at large scale. In January, the...
CFoam ASX CFO Innovaero Group Boeing Fox drone Insitu Pacific UAS uncrewed aerial systems

CFoam investee Innovaero Group signs deal with Boeing subsidiary to fast-track release of high-tech Fox drone

CFoam’s (ASX: CFO) partly-owned aeronautical engineering firm Innovaero Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing subsidiary Insitu Pacific to strengthen and support the development o...
CFOAM ASX CFO carbon panels US Navy Arleigh Burke

CFOAM carbon panels to be used by US Navy within extensive upgrade program

CFOAM (ASX: CFO) has secured its first order for its carbon foam panels from Touchstone Research Laboratory, with the panels to be installed in a US Navy destroyer vessel at the beginning of next year...