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Cellmid rapid diagnostic test COVID-19 coronavirus CDY ASX

Cellmid set to commercialise 15 minute diagnostic test for COVID-19

Life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) is set to come out of its self-imposed trading halt on Monday with news that it will commercialise...
Cellmid ASX CDY Chinese patent évolis range China

Cellmid prepares to receive Chinese patent covering évolis range

Life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has told the market it is tentatively expecting to receive a patent from the Chinese Patent Office for its évolis...
Cellmid ASX CDY evolis China Europe Advangen International anti-aging hair loss Douglas GmbH

Cellmid launches evolis hair products into Europe and China via new distribution agreements

Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has launched into Europe after securing a distribution agreement with Douglas GmbH for its evolis professional anti-aging hair care and hair...
Cellmid ASX CDY Jo-Ju Japan hair sales revenue

Cellmid predicts record second quarter revenue after successful Japanese sales campaign

Australian life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has reaped a revenue of approximately $1.1 million from a scheduled sales event for its Jo-Ju hair...
Cellmid ASX CDY anti-midkine study chronic kidney disease patients focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

Cellmid’s anti-midkine study holds promise for chronic kidney disease patients

Australian life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has announced positive efficacy results of a study using its anti-midkine antibody CAB102 in the treatment of...
Cellmid ASX CDY evolis China hair product

Cellmid executes pincer movement to distribute cornerstone évolis product into both China and the US

With the US-China trade war brewing in the background, life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has secured a deal to sell its évolis product...
Cellmid ASX CDY distribution Bloomingdale's évolis

Cellmid agrees distribution deal with Bloomingdale’s to stock évolis professional range

Life sciences company Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has secured a potentially money-spinning partnership with Bloomingdale's, a prominent US retailer, for the sale of its évolis...
Cellmid CDY Evolis hair product study results

Positive study results for Cellmid’s évolis hair growth products

Cellmid Limited (ASX: CDY) has reported positive results following the completion of its first consumer experience study using the evolis® Professional product range. All but...