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Afterpay Commonwealth Bank ASX APT CBA battle BNPL banking BNPL

Battle between Afterpay and Commonwealth Bank one for the ages

Who do you trust more – Afterpay or Commonwealth Bank? It is a difficult question to answer, although the answer will probably give a good indication of your age. If you skew younger, you are mu...
ME Bank of Queensland ASX BOQ big four Australia

Big four banks on notice after Bank of Queensland snaps up ME Bank for $1.3b

Australia’s cosy banking system will undergo the biggest change in many years with the announcement that Bank of Queensland (ASX: BOQ) is buying ME Bank for $1.325 billion. That deal will effective...
Banks lending money savers war Commonwealth ING Westpac

Banks go to war to lend money

First came the relaxation of bank lending standards, now get ready for the bank lending war. The first shots have already been fired by the Commonwealth Bank (ASX: CBA) and ING which both shaved do...
ASX listed debt collectors COVID-19

The best and worst of times loom for ASX listed debt collectors

With apologies to Charles Dickens, it’s the best of times or the worst of times for the receivables management industry - known in less polite circles as ‘debt collectors’. Broadly speaking, the se...
Commonwealth Bank coronavirus Australia prediction property housing prices fall

Commonwealth Bank wins the battle of the coronavirus horror stories, predicts housing prices could fall 32%

You could have easily been mistaken in believing that Australia’s big four banks have been trying to outdo each other with horrifying predictions. With the Commonwealth Bank (ASX: CBA) outdoing all...
Commonwealth Bank direct debit mortgage repayments minimum amount

Banks set to reap massive rewards from financial inertia

If there is one thing almost guaranteed to cost you lots of money, it is financial inertia. We all pay for this inertia every time we simply roll over insurance policies, energy suppliers, internet...
Banks Australia pandemic COVID-19 outlook stimulus loans cash profit

Could banks emerge from the pandemic with a better outlook than expected?

Of the many share market gyrations we have seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began, some of the most dramatic have been Australia’s big four banks. Bank share prices have absolutely plunged, with NA...
Bank dividends APRA Westpac NAB CBA Commonwealth ANZ ASX

Bank dividends could be reduced or on hold during pandemic

Investors should prepare themselves for lower and possibly suspended dividends from the big banks and insurance companies after a raft of powerful forces combined to urge lower payouts. First and m...
Genworth Mortgage Insurance ASX GMA Commonwealth Bank CBA lender

Genworth posts strong results as east coast housing market improves

Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia (ASX: GMA) has posted a near 30% lift in third quarter net profit as signs point to an improvement in the housing market across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. ...
Dividend yield Australia's big banks CBA ANZ NAB WBC ASX

Australia’s big banks no longer a dividend yield certainty

For decades the not so secret investment rule was that you got a better yield by investing in banks than by depositing funds with them. That may still be the case but it would be a mistake to take ...
CountPlus ASX CUP Count Financial acquire accounting business CBA Commonwealth Bank

CountPlus strikes deal to acquire accounting business Count Financial from Commonwealth Bank

Financial services firm CountPlus (ASX: CUP) has announced it will acquire 100% of Count Financial Limited from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA) in a $2.5 million deal which will house th...
Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA Matt Comyn Ian Narev banking royal commission

Commonwealth Bank boss throws predecessor Ian Narev under the bus at banking Royal Commission

Talk about pushing a former colleague under the bus. Faced with the a grilling about the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (ASX: CBA) disgraceful business model of selling almost useless consumer cr...
Bank shares bashing Commonwealth Royal Commission

Bank shares offer potential despite ongoing dramas and bank bashing

It is hard to remember a worse time to be a banker in Australia. Indeed, you could excuse bankers for pretending to be used car salespeople or even journalists at parties, just so people didn’t att...