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Genworth Mortgage Insurance ASX GMA Commonwealth Bank CBA lender

Genworth posts strong results as east coast housing market improves

Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia (ASX: GMA) has posted a near 30% lift in third quarter net profit as signs point to an improvement in...
Dividend yield Australia's big banks CBA ANZ NAB WBC ASX

Australia’s big banks no longer a dividend yield certainty

For decades the not so secret investment rule was that you got a better yield by investing in banks than by depositing funds with...
CountPlus ASX CUP Count Financial acquire accounting business CBA Commonwealth Bank

CountPlus strikes deal to acquire accounting business Count Financial from Commonwealth Bank

Financial services firm CountPlus (ASX: CUP) has announced it will acquire 100% of Count Financial Limited from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA)...
Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA Matt Comyn Ian Narev banking royal commission

Commonwealth Bank boss throws predecessor Ian Narev under the bus at banking Royal Commission

Talk about pushing a former colleague under the bus. Faced with the a grilling about the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (ASX: CBA) disgraceful business model...
Bank shares bashing Commonwealth Royal Commission

Bank shares offer potential despite ongoing dramas and bank bashing

It is hard to remember a worse time to be a banker in Australia. Indeed, you could excuse bankers for pretending to be used car...