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Bioxyne ASX BXN Asian market distributor

Bioxyne recruits distributor for developing Asian markets ahead of Malaysia, China push

Health products company Bioxyne (ASX: BXN) has extended its reach into more Asian markets after inking a distribution deal with Dato Louis Chong group marketing company ASVA International to sell its ...
Bioxyne ASX BXN colostrum honey health product Chinese market

Bioxyne prepares colostrum and honey health product for Chinese market

Biotech company Bioxyne Limited (ASX: BXN) has revealed it is working on plans to cast its novel New Zealand honey product into China, thereby capturing an overlooked portion of the nutritional consum...
Bioxyne ASX BXN Progastrim proTract

Bioxyne introduces three new health products into Asian market

Bioxyne (ASX: BXN) will introduce its plant-based Mustang nutritional shake for men into Malaysia’s market later this month, as well as its Progastrim probiotics for gut health and proTract for treati...
Bioxyne ASX BXN health beauty products Asia market

Bioxyne launches new health and beauty products, enters Asian market

Life sciences and health products company Bioxyne (ASX: BXN) has launched three new products into the lucrative Asian market. Included in the launch was the 'B18' dairy based nutritional health dri...