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Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT commercial dermatology path skin Sofpironium Bromide gel rosacea

Botanix Pharmaceuticals tracks commercial dermatology path

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has provided the market with an update on its progress in transforming into a commercial-stage dermatology company following the acquisition of its latest asset, Sof...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT medical dermatology axillary hyperhidrosis Sofpironium Bromide gel excessive sweat

Botanix acquires novel medical dermatology asset to treat axillary hyperhidrosis

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has acquired novel dermatology asset Sofpironium Bromide gel 15% for the treatment of primary axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis, a medical condition which results in...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT BTX 1801 Qualified Infectious Disease Product FDA QIDP

Botanix Pharmaceuticals receives FDA grant for antibacterial product BTX 1801

Amid the difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic, synthetic cannabinoid company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) unveiled an operational boost in the form of support from the US FDA to fast tr...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT CBD BTX 1801 staph MRSA bacteria

Botanix Pharmaceuticals plans new study into antimicrobial platform and BTX 1801

Synthetic cannabinoid company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has unveiled the next phase of development for its cannabinoid antimicrobial platform and lead program BTX 1801. Earlier today, Bota...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals CBD cannabidiol destroys skin superbug infections BTX 1801

Botanix’s CBD-based product destroys superbug skin infections in another ‘world first’

In another “world first” this week, Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has revealed its antimicrobial cannabidiol (CBD)-based product BTX 1801 can treat serious skin infections including superbugs. ...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT clinical study cannabinoid CBD anti-inflammatory immunomodulation effects skin disease plaque psoriasis

Botanix study finds CBD has anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effects on skin disease

New results from a “world-first” study by Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has identified significant anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effects from using cannabidiol (CBD) to treat skin disea...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT University of Queensland cannabidiol treatment superbugs

Botanix Pharmaceuticals and University of Queensland to develop cannabidiol treatment for superbugs

Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) is moving ahead with developing its BTX 1801 pipeline product, a cannabidiol-based treatment for various dermatological conditions. BT...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT funded complete atopic dermatitis trial

Botanix Pharmaceuticals fully funded to complete phase 2 atopic dermatitis trial

Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has raised A$8 million through an oversubscribed placement to professional, institutional and sophisticated investors across Australia an...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT BTX 1204 phase 1b trial results

Botanix Pharmaceuticals receives strong results amid growing dermatitis rates

Dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has published successful results from its phase 1b patient study looking into the safety profile of its cannabidiol-based BTX 1204 transdermal ge...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT FDA acne study

Botanix receives FDA go-ahead for progressive acne treatment

Dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has received the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its BTX 1503 phase 2 clinical acne trial. Botanix is currently...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT cannabis atopic dermatitis treatment study enrolment

Botanix poised to kick-off new study with CBD-based atopic dermatitis treatment

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has now enrolled all patients required to kick-off its phase 1b atopic dermatitis study where it will test is cannabidiol-based BTX 1204 topical treatment. The en...
Botanix Pharma ASX BOT acne treatment outperforms current topical products study BTX 1503

Botanix’s acne treatment outperforms current ‘leading’ topical products

Botanix Pharmaceuticals’ (ASX: BOT) synthetic cannabidiol-based BTX 1503 acne treatment has performed better than “leading” topically applied acne products in reducing acne lesions during a four-week ...
Botanix Pharma ASX BOT acne product antibiotic resistant acne cannabidiol

Botanix Pharma’s acne product effects antibiotic-resistant acne

Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) revealed trials of its synthetic cannabidiol-based acne product BTX 1503 has demonstrated antibacterial activity against acne. In the ...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX BOT dermatitis clinical trial phase 1b patients enrol

First patients enrolled for Botanix Pharmaceuticals’ dermatitis trial

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) has enrolled its first patients for its phase 1b clinical trial into its proprietary BTX 1204 treatment on atopic dermatitis sufferers. Atopic dermatitis is a com...
Botanix Pharmaceuticals ASX dermatitis BTX 1204

Botanix Pharmaceuticals kicks-off atopic dermatitis trials

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) is full steam ahead with beginning its atopic dermatitis study in Australia after getting the green light from the Human Research Ethics Committee. Named BTX 1204...