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Coal ASX Australia mining companies stocks energy

Are Australian coal mining companies oversold?

There is a world of difference between a commitment to “phase-out” a commodity, and a proposal to “phase-down” a commodity, which is a reason for taking a fresh look at heavily oversold Australian coa...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB resource estimate initial quality Hillalong North

Bowen releases Hillalong North maiden coal resource with ‘extremely positive’ coking properties

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) reports its Hillalong North project in Queensland’s Northern Bowen Basin has a maiden coal resource of 43 million tonnes  with much of that located at shallow depths. T...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB Sumitomo Hillalong farm-in agreement

Bowen secures farm-in agreement with Sumitomo over Hillalong coking coal project

Queensland-based explorer Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has secured a farm-in agreement with Sumitomo Corporation over the Hillalong coking coal project, approximately 105km west-southwest of Mackay. ...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB Isaac River resource estimate increase

Bowen Coking Coal confirms 8.7 million tonne resource estimate at Isaac River

Exploration company Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has reported a 3.5 million tonne increase to the mineral resource estimate at its Isaac River coking coal project in central Queensland following resul...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX CBC Isaac River drilling program new targets

Isaac River drilling program intersects new targets for Bowen Coking Coal

An extended drilling program at Bowen Coking Coal’s (ASX: BCB) Isaac River project in central Queensland has successfully intersected exploration targets at six sites within the prospective Leichardt,...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB exploration target open pit Rio Tinto Mt Hillalong asset Cooroorah

Bowen Coking Coal boosts exploration target, including open pit potential at ex Rio Mt Hillalong asset

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has boosted it exploration target for its Mt Hillalong metallurgical (coking) coal asset after a comprehensive review of historic exploration data revealed open pit and un...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB coking coal Mammoth Cooroorah Bowen Basin

Bowen confirms high quality coking coal potential from Mammoth seam at Cooroorah

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has confirmed the potential for “high quality coking coal” from the Mammoth seam within its wholly-owned Cooroorah project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. According to Bow...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB Comet Ridge royalty buy-out

Bowen Coking Coal divests Comet Ridge in deal that values project at A$3 million in royalty buy-out

As part of its strategy to advance the Cooroorah and Hillalong coal projects, Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has announced plans to sell Comet Ridge to Springsure Creek Coal Pty Ltd in a deal that ultim...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB India steel demand

Bowen Coking Coal looks to capitalise on Queensland portfolio and leverage growing demand for steel

Coal is making a comeback and helping several Australian companies rediscover projects thought uneconomic just a few years ago. Since 2013, coking coal prices have made a resurgent recovery from ar...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB coking coal Hillalong East

Bowen Coking Coal collects Hillalong East from Rio Tinto and Cape Coal

After gaining a shareholder vote earlier this week, Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has completed its acquisition of the Hillalong East coking coal project from Rio Tinto Exploration and Cape Coal. As...
Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB Mammoth Cooroorah Project resource increase

Bowen rapidly increases coking coal resources in Bowen Basin

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has rewarded the faith of investors with a significant expansion of its resource estimate for its fully-owned Cooroorah Project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Drilling on...