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Archer Materials ASX AXE quantum device compatibility semiconductor industry fabrication 12CQ quantum

Archer Materials shows quantum device compatibility with semiconductor industry fabrication

The granting of an Australian patent to Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) during the June quarter will provide the company with exclusive and legally-enforceable commercial rights to its 12CQ quantum chip i...
Archer Materials ASX AXE nanodevices qubit readout 12CQ chip quantum computing technology

Archer Materials advances quantum computing chip technology with fabrication of nanodevices

Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) has announced it has successfully fabricated nanodevices that will allow probing of quantum behaviour in its qubit material that is of fundamental importance to the company...
Archer Materials ASX AXE miniaturisation biochip technology nanometre

Archer Materials moves towards miniaturisation of biochip technology

Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) has confirmed that its biochip technology is progressing towards the integration of sub-10 nanometre componentry using advanced lithography processes. The significant re...
Archer Materials ASX AXE Australian patent CQ quantum computing chip

Archer Materials granted Australian patent for 12CQ quantum computing chip

Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) has been granted an Australian patent for its 12CQ (one-two-see-que) quantum computing chip technology. It is the only ASX-listed company and one of a few players in the...
Archer Materials ASX AXE quantum chip technology Australian semiconductor company 12CQ

Archer Materials advances development of quantum chip technology

Australian semiconductor company Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) is developing a quantum chip, that it describes as unlike any other. The company says its technology has the potential to bridge the gap...
Archer Materials ASX AXE Quantum computing agreement IBM Q Network CQ Qiskit

Archer Materials teams up with IBM to develop next-gen quantum computing processor

Materials technology company Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) came out of a self-imposed trading halt this morning to announce a collaboration with US computing giant IBM (NYSE: IBM) to advance quantum com...
Archer Exploration ASX AXE graphite

Archer Exploration to optimise lithium-ion battery process using Campoona graphite

Archer Exploration (ASX: AXE) has begun the assembly and testing of several lithium-ion battery configurations incorporating spherical graphite from its Campoona graphite project in South Australia. ...
Archer Exploration ASX AXE quantum computing technology intellectual property

Archer Exploration signs agreement to commercialise quantum computing technology

Archer Exploration (ASX: AXE) has executed a binding licence agreement with the University of Sydney’s Commercial Development and Industry Partnership program for exclusive rights to develop and comme...
Archer Exploration ASX AXE electrolytic manganese dioxide Jamieson Tank

Archer Exploration confirms EMD capability of Jamieson Tank manganese

Archer Exploration (ASX: AXE) has announced confirmation that manganese from its Jamieson Tank project in South Australia can make electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD), a critical component in the man...
Archer Exploration ASX AXE University of New South Wales graphite graphene lithium-ion batteries

Archer teams up with UNSW to develop new graphite and graphene-materials for lithium-ion batteries

Archer Exploration (ASX: AXE) has teamed up with the University of New South Wales to develop new graphite and graphene-based materials for lithium-ion batteries. The research agreement between Arc...
Archer Exploration ASX AXE biosensor market graphite graphene

Archer Exploration reloads and takes aim at emerging biosensor market

Resources company and graphite specialist Archer Exploration (ASX: AXE) has amended its long-standing relationship with the University of Adelaide, by shifting developmental focus away from industrial...