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AuMake International ASX AU8 Broadway Online daigou China

AuMake announces re-opening of Sydney retail stores for local Asian customer base

Retail provider AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has announced a progressive re-opening of its physical stores from today to cater for an expected increase in foot traffic as COVID-19 social distancing...
AuMake International online business COVID-19 coronavirus China retail industry ASX AU8

AuMake’s online business booms as COVID-19 impacts China’s retail industry

Retail business AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has reported a material shift in China-based consumer purchasing behaviour across its online channels, due primarily to coronavirus isolation procedures...
AuMake International ASX AU8 JD Worldwide retail e-commerce

AuMake enters into agreement with JD Worldwide to promote Australasian brands to Chinese consumers

Retail business AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has signed a strategic agreement with e-commerce marketplace JD Worldwide with a view to building a platform for new Australasian brands wishing to ente...
AuMake International ASX AU8 sales daigou market Chinese demand trend

AuMake maintains daigou market momentum as Chinese demand stays on trend

Retail company AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has published an interim market update detailing its ongoing push into the daigou market. To date, AuMake has been developing its market presence by o...
AuMake ASX AU8 Pure Nutrition A1 A2 milk powder formula China daigou market

AuMake and Pure Nutrition to develop A1 & A2 milk powder formula for the daigou market

Retail company AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has signed a supply agreement with Pure Nutrition to develop a brand of “A1 and A2” milk powder formula products, best known for their beta-casein protei...
AuMake International ASX AU8 Chinese daigou market

AuMake guides its way to Chinese daigou market revenues

Australian retailer AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has agreed to partner with Itrip.com, an online travel-agency booking platform, to commercialise the growing trend of Chinese consumers buying up ma...
AuMake International ASX AU8 Health Essence acquisition

AuMake International snaps up 50% stake in Health Essence

Daigou market focussed AuMake International (ASX: AU8) has claimed a 50% interest in health supplement brand, Health Essence, with an option to acquire the remaining 50% via a share issue. Health E...