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Altech Chemicals ASX ATC high purity alumina HPA coating Germany battery materials anode

Altech Chemicals begins pre-feasibility study for German HPA coating plant

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has commenced a pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the construction of a battery materials high purity alumina (HPA) coating plant in Saxony, Germany. The company announced...
Altech Chemicals ATC ASX silicon alumina coating lithium-ion batteries Tesla EV

Altech Chemicals uses HPA coating technology on silicon for use in lithium-ion batteries

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has achieved a breakthrough in the development of silicon alumina coating at an opportune time as US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has called for more silicon in its ...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC Phase 1 battery HPA coated graphite

Altech Chemicals generates ‘encouraging’ results in first battery performance tests using HPA coating technology

Altech Chemicals’ (ASX: ATC) chief scientist and general manager of operations Dr Jingyuan Liu has described results from phase one battery performance tests as “very encouraging” using the company’s ...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC HPA pre-feasibility study battery coating plant Germany

Altech Chemicals launches study to build battery coating plant in Germany

Emerging high purity alumina (HPA) producer Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) is to begin work on a pre-feasibility study for the proposed construction of a battery materials HPA coating plant in the German...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC listed green bond HPA high purity alumina

Altech Chemicals on track to secure funds for Malaysian HPA project

Emerging high purity alumina (HPA) producer Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) is on track to secure additional financing for its Malaysian project, advising the market that preparations for its proposed lis...
Altech Chemicals ATC ASX HPA coated graphite battery

Altech Chemicals commences tests of HPA coating technology to improve performance life of lithium-ion batteries

Emerging high purity alumina (HPA) producer Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has commenced battery performance testing of graphite particles which have been subject to its proprietary HPA coating technolog...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC Advanced Materials Frankfurt stock exchange

Altech Chemicals sells 25% interest in German subsidiary for $8.3m

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has sold a 25% stake in its German subsidiary Altech Industries Germany GmbH for €5 million (A$8.3 million). Frankfurt Stock Exchange-listed Altech Advanced Materials AG...
Altech Chemicals ATC ASX HPA coating graphite particles lithium-ion battery anodes high purity alumina

Altech Chemicals’ technology provides uniform HPA coating on graphite particles

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has successfully used its own technology to coat graphite particles that are typically found in lithium-ion battery anodes with high purity alumina (HPA). Late last mont...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC Malaysia HPA processing plant financing high purity alumina

Altech Chemicals raises cash to forge ahead with high purity alumina initiatives

Emerging high purity alumina (HPA) producer Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) is making good progress on the construction of its Malaysian processing plant with a view to become a world-leading supplier of ...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC patent HPA process high purity alumina

Altech Chemicals collars HPA process patent, cautions other emerging HPA producers against breaches

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has collared the patent for its high purity alumina (HPA) process which involves developing HPA from kaolin and other aluminous clays. The Australian Patent Office offic...
Altech Chemicals ASX ATC German government export credit cover

Altech gets export credit cover nod from German government to fund plant development

The German government has given Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) the nod for its export credit cover application which will provide the majority of finance required to develop its proposed high purity 99.9...

Altech finalises alumina plant designs to include lithium-ion capacity

Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has settled on the designs of its proposed high purity alumina plant (HPA) in Malaysia to boost annual capacity to 4,500 tonnes per annum (tpa) and include HPA production f...