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ASX blockchain delay launch settlement technology CHESS distributed ledger technology DLT

ASX delays launch of blockchain settlement technology

The introduction of a new blockchain system to finalise local equity trades has been pushed back by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) due to stakeholder concerns and impacts of the coronavirus ...
ASX technology index 2020 NASDAQ

ASX plans to launch a technology index in 2020

The ASX is planning to launch a new technology index next year, giving Australia what is being dubbed as a smaller version of the US’ NASDAQ index. This index, to be named the S&P/ASX All Techn...
ASX IRESS CHESS distributed ledger technology DLT blockchain shares

ASX sells stake in IRESS as move from CHESS to distributed ledger technology advances

ASX Ltd (ASX: ASX) is set to continue its march to introduce blockchain inspired securities trading after grabbing a hefty $161 million gain for selling out of software company IRESS (ASX: IRE). Th...
ASX blockchain stock market CHESS distributed ledger technology DLT Dominic Stevens

ASX looks to unleash blockchain technology on the Australian stock market

Blockchain technology has well and truly hit Australian shores in recent years, with the Australian Stock Exchange set to become the world’s first blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) enable...