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Angel Seafood oysters record stock Easter period ASX AS1

Angel Seafood gears up for 2021 Easter period with record organic and sustainable oyster stock

Certified organic and sustainable oyster producer Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) has kicked-off its 2021 selling season with record oyster stock numbers to underpin increasing demand from restaurants and re...
Angel Seafood ASX AS1 oyster retail sales restaurant 2021

Angel Seafood posts record first-half oyster sales boosted by retail demand

Organic Pacific oyster producer Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) has reported a successful first half of the 2021 financial year, selling 55% more oysters at a record 5.1 million. This drove a 52% increase...
Angel Seafood Holdings AS1 ASX 2020 quarterly pacific oysters

Angel Seafood produces strong quarterly results backed by three-pillar growth strategy

Certified organic pacific oyster producer Angel Seafood Holdings (ASX: AS1) has finished the December 2020 quarter with record sales of 2.4 million oysters and record half-year sales of 5.1 million. ...
Angel Seafood oyster ASX AS1 placement

Angel Seafood tops up cash reserves to accelerate oyster growth plans

As it pushes ahead with its growth plans to meet mounting demand, sustainable and organic oyster producer Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) has secured $4 million to shore up its financial position and acceler...
Angel Seafood oysters ASX AS1 retail market 2020

Retail market proves boon for Angel Seafood’s oysters

South Australia-based Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) is an example of a company that is able to flex with a changing sales environment, with the COVID-19 pandemic opening up a “significant” growth opportuni...
Angel Seafood summer oysters ASX AS1

Angel Seafood trials ‘summer oysters’ to boost inventory and meet late summer demand

The largest sustainable pacific oyster producer in the Southern Hemisphere Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) has announced it will embark on a trial of “summer oysters” in an effort to boost its stock to meet ...
Angel Seafood AS1 ASX oyster demand supply Eyre Peninsula Coffin Bay

Angel Seafood scales up oyster production as retail demand grows

Australia’s largest producer of Pacific oysters Angel Seafood (ASX: AS1) is boosting its production capacity as retail demand for its organic-certified and sustainable oysters continues to grow. Th...
East 33 IPO ASX rock oysters seafood

Sizing up the latest seafood IPO East 33 against the industry

If upcoming IPO East 33 has its way, dinner party guests will need to contend with oyster aficionados raving on about creaminess and mouth feel along with the wine swillers, olive oil purists and crem...
Angel Seafood ASX AS1 retail strategy record oyster sales peak season Zac Halmanvideo

Angel Seafood’s retail strategy proves successful with record oyster sales ahead of peak season

Pacific oyster producer Angel Seafood Holdings (ASX: AS1) has posted record sales for the September quarter – boding well for ongoing growth as the company hits its peak demand period over the Christm...
Angel Seafood ASX AS1 oysters Coffin Bay

Angel Seafood disrupts oyster market with innovative commercial strategy

Australia’s largest producer of Pacific oysters Angel Seafood Holdings (ASX: AS1) is disrupting what has been a very traditional industry with innovation, commercialisation and cutting-edge aquacultur...