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Rare earth stock commodity prices value ASX Lynas

Disconnect between rare earth stock and commodity prices is a value pointer

Rare earth stocks, like the rest of the mining sector, have been sold down for much of the past six months, but three clues can be found, which point to the potential for a strong recovery. The fir...
Rare earths refining refineries Australia REE Iluka Resources

Rare earths on a refining roll in Australia, but risks remain

Confidence in Australia’s rare earth industry grew significantly this week with news that it could soon have two world class refineries capable of competing with the dominant player in the rare earth ...
Australian Government domestic critical mineral projects Arafura Resources Poseidon Nickel Pure Battery Technologies Vanadium Alpha HPA Orica

Australian Government provides $243m to aid key domestic critical mineral projects

Australia’s critical minerals sector looks set to receive a major boost with a $243 million initiative from the Federal Government announced this week. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the govern...
Rare earths Lynas China investing ASX

Investing in rare earths is not for the faint-hearted

Rare earths are not rare, nor are they earths, but they are certainly political, and it’s the politics of an increasingly aggressive China which has made the 17 metals in the rare earth family a profi...
Australia critical metals mining processing ASX rare earths cobalt graphite vanadium minerals

Australia can punch above its weight in critical metals — both with mining and processing

Australia has just 3.4% of the world’s rare earth element (REE) resources but is the fourth largest producer in the world, with other minerals also posing significant future potential for the country....
Rare earths Trump national emergency Australia supply REE China

Trump declares rare earth emergency, Australia gets ready to supply

Securing rare earth supply is now near the top of the defence agenda in Washington with US President Donald Trump signing an executive order declaring a national emergency and calling for a boost in d...
Rare earths Australia mining resources China Africa

Australia in box seat to become world’s new rare earths powerhouse

China now produces 80% of the world’s neodymium-praseodymium output, a combination of rare earth metals vital to the manufacture of high strength permanent magnets. These magnets are used in drivet...
Arafura Resources Thor Mining ASX ARU THR Bonya tungsten copper results

Arafura Resources and Thor Mining confirm Bonya tungsten and copper results

Laboratory assays have confirmed Arafura Resources (ASX: ARU) and Thor Mining’s (ASX: THR) previously reported tungsten and copper XRF readings from drilling at the joint venture’s Bonya project in th...