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AMP sexual harassment scandal ASX David Murray Boe Pahari

AMP heads roll after sexual harassment scandal

AMP (ASX: AMP) has reached the inevitable end point of its sexual harassment scandal with the departure of chairman David Murray and the removal of AMP Capital chief executive Boe Pahari. Mr Pahari...
AMP shares lessons ASX financial planners debt asset values

Lessons we can all learn from the AMP debacle

It may sound a little insensitive but there are some really important investment lessons we can all learn from what is happening at AMP (ASX: AMP). As is well known now, AMP recently performed a br...
AMP ASX problems share price customers advisers head office transformation

AMP could hold the keys to the future

If you want to see what the future of financial planning might be in Australia, you don’t have to go any further than AMP (ASX: AMP). Since 1849, AMP has been almost a byword for life insurance and...
AMP ASX wealth management shareholders customers cash

AMP is struggling to remain relevant as customers flee

AMP (ASX: AMP) used to be the most recognised and trusted name in managing wealth in Australia. It is still well known, but for all of the wrong reasons as customers vote with their feet and withdr...
AMP ASX impacted Royal Commission investors flee wealth management business

AMP continues to be impacted by Royal Commission as investors flee

An avalanche of bad news from the Royal Commission has continued to smash AMP's (ASX: AMP) business model, with massive outflows from its superannuation business. Investors sucked almost $4 billion...
AMP ASX investments royal commission fees fund

AMP faces an uncertain future

One of the worst financial results for the week was reported by giant insurance and fund manager AMP (ASX: AMP), after the company lost much of its board and management due to evidence at the financia...