Stemcell United (ASX: SCU)

Stemcell United (ASX: SCU) is a bio-technology company which focuses on the growth, reproduction, culture and extraction of stem cells for medicinal, health and beauty applications using its environmentally friendly proprietary technology.

Stemcell United ASX SCU Blue Aqua International sea grape Caulerpa Lentillifera

StemCell United signs joint venture with Blue Aqua to cultivate sustainable sea grapes

Biotechnology company StemCell United (ASX: SCU) has signed a joint venture agreement with Blue Aqua International to cultivate and farm sea gra...
StemCell United ASX SCU Daemonorops Draco Blume resina Indonesia Zhejiang Forest Rainbow Medical Co

StemCell United delivers on first stage of long-term resina supply contract

Biotechnology company StemCell United (ASX: SCU) has made its first resina delivery as part of a contract to supply 50 tonnes of resina to Zheji...
StemCell United ASX SCU China industrial hemp licence

StemCell United looks to capitalise on industrial hemp licence in China

Biotechnology company StemCell United (ASX: SCU) has received an in-direct leg-up in China after its close working partner, Yunnan Hua Fang Indu...