Sparc Technologies executes agreements with ‘major industry players’

Sparc Technologies ASX SPN Mike Bartels May 2021
Sparc Technologies plans to fast-track commercialisation of its graphene-based technologies and products.

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has executed a “significant number” of non-disclosure agreements with “major industry players” as it fast-tracks commercialisation plans for its graphene technologies and products.

Mike Bartels joined Sparc in March this year as chief executive officer and led a review of the company’s business activities and market opportunities.

Mr Bartels said the review identified a “number of core market opportunities” arising form the company’s research and development activities.

“Accordingly, we have now entered into a significant number of non-disclosure agreements with major industry players interested in potentially incorporating our graphene technology into their global products,” he said.

“As an example, Sparc is now working on 12 projects within the coatings enhancement work stream, which target niche markets that we believe can be fast-tracked to commercialisation,” he added.

Three primary work streams

Sparc’s ongoing research and development will be managed as three work streams.

The first work stream comprises environment, industrial materials, and product enhancement.

This work stream involves incorporating Sparc’s graphene-based technology into polymeric and building materials including coatings, concrete and composites.

The second work stream is sustainability and remediation – extraction. This work stream is concerned with developing graphene-based products that optimise or disrupt current industry practice regarding extraction.

Sparc plans to exploit the unique adsorbent characteristics inherent in its graphene-based material for tailings and PFAS contaminants.

On the health “living a better life” work stream, Sparc is looking at two applications for graphene in medical technology.

One of these is biosensors that allow for remote, real-time monitoring of health. The second application is enhancing medical-grade materials through inclusion of graphene.

Graphene potential

Sparc noted graphene has potential to deliver benefits to many industries, but it was focusing on its three core work streams initially.

As part of this, the company will continue to seek collaborations with research institutes, industry partners and customers within its these fields.

Particularly, in the coatings market, Sparc has 12 specific projects underway with graphene-based additives.

These additives aim to provide anticorrosive, antifouling, fireproofing, antibacterial and corrosion under insulation properties.

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