REFFIND (ASX: RFN) has a targeted strategic focus on cloud-based SaaS solutions for enterprises, their employees, customers and other supply chain stakeholders. These solutions have a mobile commerce focus.

REFFIND ASX RFN blockchain Loyyal platform loyalty rewards upgrade

REFFIND sees blockchain progress via significant shareholding in Loyyal

Software-as-a-service tech company REFFIND (ASX: RFN) has received good news from one of its major investments, Loyyal. The budding Aussie te...
Reffind ASX RFN WooBoard Loyyal blockchain

REFFIND revamps flagship WooBoard product and prepares for blockchain future

Enterprise rewards and loyalty company REFFIND (ASX: RFN) has revamped its prime service offering as the company prepares to embrace distributed...
Reffind ASX RFN blockchain loyalty rewards company Loyyal

Reffind snaps up major stake in blockchain-based loyalty and rewards company Loyyal

Reffind (ASX: RFN) has snapped up a 14.80% stake in blockchain-based loyalty and rewards company Loyyal Corporation for US$2.3 million. The a...