Rare earth elements identified at eMetals’ Nardoo Well project

eMetals Nardoo Well project rare earth elements ASX EMT
eMetals has identified up to 0.11% total rare earth oxide plus yttrium in stream sediment samples.

eMetals (ASX: EMT) has achieved further “encouraging” results from a stream sampling program at its Nardoo Well rare metals project in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region.

Stream sediment samples revealed up to 0.11% total rare earth oxide plus yttrium, with the most anomalous results found near pegmatites at the newly acquired Beryl Well prospect.

“The receipt of highly anomalous rare earth element, plus niobium-tantalum results from our initial sampling has prompted eMetals to expand its sampling of this highly prospective tenure, validating our decision to acquire the Beryl Well tenement,” eMetals director Matthew Walker said.

“Whilst focusing on tungsten mineralisation, the company is carefully investigating the potential for a range of mineralisation styles within a complex pegmatite field in this largely unexplored region,” he added.

Field activities resume

Following the anomalous results, eMetals has restarted field activities at the project this week.

The company plans to grab 1,000 stream sediment and soil samples from priority areas over 8km of strike.

Meanwhile, infill soil sampling will be completed to identify potential rare metal pegmatites. This is expected to underpin a drilling program, which is scheduled to begin as soon as possible after travel restrictions have been lifted.

Additionally, priority targets within the pegmatites will be sampled following the “encouraging” anomalies of tungsten, niobium, tin and tantalum that were revealed last month.

Better results were 217 parts per million niobium and 0.03% tin; 335ppm niobium and 0.03% tin; and 129ppm tungsten, 183ppm niobium and 0.05% tin.

Nardoo Well rare metals project

eMetals’ Nardoo Well project is 450km inland from Carnarvon and contains up to 15km of strike prospective for tungsten.

It has been explored sporadically since 1981, with historic rock chip sampling of the tungsten skarns returning up to 3m at 6.66% tungsten, 2m at 5.34% tungsten and 2m at 2.07% tungsten.

To shore up its holding in the area, eMetals agreed to acquire the adjoining Nardoo Hill tenement from Venus Metals Corporation in mid March this year.

Nardoo Hill hosts extensive pegmatites prospective for tantalum-lithium-niobium mineralisation.

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