Ookami Limited (ASX: OOK)

Ookami (ASX: OOK) plans to build a portfolio in technology solutions, with a particular focus on software marketing solutions, application software, communication software, software as a service, online social networking services, and security and encryption. www.ookami.com.au

Ookami ASX OOK Soar Drone

Ookami looks to redeploy drone-mapping technology developed by US military

Technology borne out of military applications could soon be deployed onto the ASX via small cap company...
Ookami ASX OOK National Currency eXchange NCX

Ookami and National Currency eXchange to share IP, produce new digital asset technology

Ookami (ASX: OOK) has edged further into the cryptocurrency space after securing a collaboration agreement with National Currency...
Ookami ASX OOK Brontech blockchain technology Emma Poposka

Ookami purchases stake in blockchain technology company Brontech

Ookami (ASX: OOK) has announced its plan to secure an 18.23% stake in blockchain technology company Brontech...