Intiger Group (ASX: IAM)

Intiger Group (ASX: IAM) operates an Australian software development house dedicated to supporting professional Financial Planners to meet the needs of their clients. Intiger does this by reducing the back office and operational costs within the Australian financial planning industry.

Complii FinTech Solutions ASX Intiger Group reverse takeover IAM

Complii FinTech Solutions to join ASX via Intiger Group reverse takeover deal

Sydney-based Complii FinTech Solutions looks to be joining the ASX before Christmas by way of a reverse takeover by financial software company I...
Intiger Group ASX IAM partners with Commonwealth Bank

Intiger advances Commonwealth Bank partnership

Financial planning tech company Intiger Group’s (ASX: IAM) recently announced partnership with the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) is on course to deliv...
Intiger Group ASX IAM artificial intelligence financial planners

Intiger backs artificial intelligence to woo financial planners

Financial planning tech company Intiger Group (ASX: IAM) has posted an operational market update relating to its recent activities, saying that ...
Intiger Group ASX IAM Commonwealth Bank subsidiaries financial planning technology

Intiger courts Commonwealth Bank subsidiaries to pilot financial planning technology

Financial planner enabler Intiger Group (ASX: IAM) has struck three independent agreements with financial planning licensees. The deal means Int...
Intiger Group ASX IAM BOOM2 software release

First release of Intiger Group’s BOOM2 software to clients imminent

Tech stock Intiger Group (ASX: IAM) will carry out its first release of its BOOM2 software to clients next week via a phased roll-out on a clien...