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AI Changing the Way...
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AI Changing the Way Blockchain Work?  



After 10 years now. We have seen the changes and advancements in blockchains. Right now the world after interoperability, with companies like EOS, COSMOS, LIBONOMY, we have introduced AI, this brings a number of useful benefits to the blockchain technology, and for instance, Libonomy has created four unique nodes, one consisting of an exploit finding nodes to completely stop hacking across the blockchain. Cosmos and the Libonomy's Ai also brings interoperability with full private to public networks, at the same time helping create the autonomous systems we are aiming for. EOS who have 3.2 billion in funds to build even more advancements. As we grow more into this technology is AI good or Bad for blockchains? Do you feel there are any flaws in AI or will computer learning be the future?

Posted : 10/06/2020 10:57 pm