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Should cannabis be legalised? Poll is created on Jun 03, 2019

Poll results: Should cannabis be legalised?
Voter(s): 14
Poll is created on Jun 03, 2019
Yes  -  votes: 13 / 92.9%
No  -  votes: 1 / 7.1%

Should cannabis be fully legalised?  


Am interested to see what people's thoughts are on the legalisation of medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Posted : 03/06/2019 11:02 pm

I'm on the fence on recreational. Only ever used the stuff once and other than the munchies had zero impact. I was involved in a multi car accident many years ago though where the person at fault was completely spaced out - was just rolling down the hill towards oncoming traffic completely oblivious. As long as there were very strict driving laws remaining around it I don't think I would have any issue with legalising recreational. I actually am invested in a cannabis company on the CSE whose is involved in it (California).

Medicinal on the other hand I am very glad that its now effectively legalised. I know a few people who have used it for different medical reasons and swear by it. However the red tape and processes around patients being able to get it is still archaic imo and needs to be improved and facilitated.

Posted : 07/06/2019 5:59 pm

Yes, no question about it.

If you're not hurting anyone else then you should be free to do it.

Posted : 19/06/2019 12:18 pm