Eden Innovations’ concrete additive gets the thumbs up from US transit authority

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MARTA in the US has approved Eden Innovations’ EdenCrete for use in its fleet parking areas after a trial found the additive could provide long-term resistance to daily aggressive conditions.

Carbon-strengthened concrete additive EdenCrete, developed by Perth-based Eden Innovations (ASX: EDE), has been endorsed by a public transport operator in the United States following a two-year infield trial to test the product’s durability, strength and lifecycle costs.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has approved EdenCrete for use in its fleet parking areas after the trial found the additive could provide long-term resistance to daily aggressive conditions and extreme rolling frictional forces from buses and other vehicles.

MARTA evaluated the use of EdenCrete-enriched concrete in a section of carpark at its new Brady Mobility Facility in Atlanta, with a view to improving a number of performance characteristics including the original concrete’s resistance to abrasive bus tyre wear, scaling from de-icer chemicals and cracking caused by heavy vehicle traffic.

When compared to adjacent areas of carpark which did not contain the concrete additive, the EdenCrete-enriched section was found to provide a more effective defence against the ingress of moisture and chlorides while significantly enhancing durability and longevity.

Whitepaper findings

The trial findings were part of a whitepaper documenting the joint evaluation, which commenced in 2016 and may lead to the inclusion of EdenCrete in suitable future MARTA projects.

“The results of lab testing indicate the inclusion of EdenCrete will provide a significant extension of life to the concrete and reduce the frequency of maintenance projects to keep the parking areas in service,” the paper stated.

“Progressive site visits over the course of two years show the EdenCrete sections outperforming the adjacent sections of standard concrete … the [untreated] surface is abrading significantly more irregularly, and rapidly, than the surface of the slabs containing EdenCrete.”

The implementation of EdenCrete into MARTA’s future projects will provide savings by reducing the life cycle cost of the concrete as well as reducing the frequency of disruptive maintenance projects which affect operations and revenue streams.

Eden Innovations said over time, the reduced maintenance schedule and longer service life before replacement is required will outweigh any upfront cost.

Expanding footprint

The MARTA whitepaper represents an important milestone for Eden Innovations in its quest to expand its footprint in the massive US infrastructure market.

The company said it will be of “enormous assistance” in future marketing activities as it represents a detailed technical review by a leading US transit authority following a long field trial.

MARTA operates a network of bus routes and a rapid transit system comprising 77km of rail track with 38 train stations.

It is responsible for carrying over 430,000 passengers per day, equating to the sixth largest number of any US city.

MARTA is believed to be considering an expansion of its current transport network, which could generate new opportunities for the use of EdenCrete.

At midday trade, shares in Eden Innovations were up 23.66% to $0.115.

Shares in Tasman Resources (ASX: TAS), which holds a 38.93% share of Eden Innovations through its wholly-owned subsidiary Noble Energy, were up 20% to $0.096.

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