Dotz Nano reports successful field trial for new tracing solution

Dotz Nano ASX DTZ Fluoresnic liquid tracing fracking field trial
Dotz Nano’s Fluorensic product could potentially save fracking well operators “millions” of dollars.

Technology specialist Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has moved a step closer to commercialising its Fluorensic bulk liquid tracing solution after a fracking field trial last month showed the product could deliver under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

The trial, conducted in the United States with a supplier of bulk fracking chemicals, showed that two types of Fluorensic tracers could still be detected in parts per billion (ppb) levels after being added to fracking fluids and injected into a well.

Approximately 600 litres of Fluorensic tracers were added to the fluids before injection. After withstanding extreme pressure and temperature conditions, both tracers were clearly detected in ppb levels and recorded in real time by Dotz’ in-field detection technology known as InSpec.

Dotz chief executive officer Uzi Breier said the introduction of Fluorensic to the market could potentially save millions of dollars at fracking wells across the world.

“A typical fracking drill uses around 10 million litres of fracking fluids which we can now uniquely tag [with Fluorensic],” he said.

“Our tracing technology, along with our in-field detection [known as InSpec], can provide accurate data in real-time without having to wait days for laboratory testing.

“This [can potentially] save the industry millions of dollars in North America alone.”

A cost-effective alternative to dyes and taggants

Dotz Fluorensic tracers can be used in subsurface applications to detect reservoir and formation damage, hydrocarbon flow paths and water dilution effects.

The product provides an inexpensive and non-toxic alternative to fluorescence dyes or radioactive taggants for injected fluids in either frac or inflow / water flood operations.

It can be used in varying concentrations and is environmentally-safe and user-friendly.

The company’s InSpec technology provides onsite, real-time forensic analysis of fracking fluids tagged with Fluorensic markers.

It omits the need for costly offsite laboratory analysis and lengthy response times.

At midday, Dotz shares had increased 13.33% to $0.085.

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