Dotz Nano sells first graphene quantum dots for anti-counterfeiting and optical brighteners

Dotz Nano DTZ sells first graphene quantum dots

Nano-technology company Dotz Nano (ASX: DTZ) has received its first major sales order for its graphene quantum dots worth A$135,000.

The graphene quantum dots are microscopic-sized particles that fluoresce when exposed to UV light. When the dot size is changed, the colours the dots fluoresce also change.

Using primarily coal, Dotz produces the graphene quantum dots for several industries including medical imaging, sensing, energy and data storage, solar cells, consumer electronics, optical brighteners and anti-counterfeiting.

Under the sales agreement, Dotz will supply an undisclosed amount of its graphene quantum dots in liquid and powdered form, via its Japanese distributor, to Japanese and Pan-Asian companies for use in the anti-counterfeiting market and optical brightener for polymers.

The company has remained tight lipped on the amount sold to “protect [its] company pricing policy”.

“The order consists of both blue and green graphene quantum dots and will be supplied over the next three months with materials being optimised for the various matrixes they are to be used in,” Dotz Nano chief executive officer Moti Gross said.

“The graphene quantum dots bound for the anti-counterfeiting markets are aimed at being used in printing dyes to several companies involved in current anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, several, of which, in my opinion are aimed at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” Mr Gross said.

He added the graphene quantum dots for use as optical brighteners for enhancing polymers will be used in a number of products.

Additionally, more than 60 companies throughout the world are evaluating Dotz Nano’s graphene quantum dots for use in multiple applications.

“Each of these evaluations have their own time schedule for contract sales, and the Dotz Nano team will continue their efforts for the successful commercialisation of our graphene quantum dots,” Mr Gross said.

He added this first major sale would signal to other end-users the technology’s viability, which will make future sales easier.

Most of today’s graphene quantum dots are manufactured using graphite which is more expensive.

According to the company, graphite commands about US$2,000 per tonne, with cheaper graphite selling for US$800 per tonne.

Dotz Nano has developed technology that allows it to make the graphene quantum dots using coal which ranges between US$10 and US$60 per tonne.

The company’s stock was up more than 30% by early afternoon trade.

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