Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT)

Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) is an Australian AgTech development company enabling the next generation of novel insecticides to address the global problems of insecticide resistance and toxicity. Its novel platform technology is based on a naturally occurring class of chemicals known as beta-triketones.

Flavocide Bio-Gene Technology mosquito resistant malaria ASX BGT

US trials confirm Bio-Gene’s Flavocide to be an effective control for mosquito-related diseases

The results of collective US trials by Australian ag-tech development company Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) have confirmed...
Bio-Gene Technology ASX BGT Flavocide grain storage pest BASF Queensland DAF GRDC

Bio-Gene achieves key milestone during development of its Flavocide pesticide

Agriculture technology (AgTech) company Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) has reported results from a recent grain storage program and...
Bio-Gene Technology ASX BGT BASF chemical insecticide Flavocide stored grain pest control agriculture

Bio-Gene Technology and BASF team-up to advance Flavocide pest control technology

Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) has secured a partnership with world leading chemical company BASF, with the duo...
Bio-Gene Technology ASX BGT Flavocide effective resistant pests

Bio-Gene and Qld Govt knock out grain pests with Flavocide combinations

Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) has achieved initial positive results using combinations of its Flavocide insecticide with grain...
Bio-Gene Technology ASX BGT interview Richard Jagger environmentally friendly insecticides

Bio-Gene serves up next generation of novel, environmentally friendly insecticides

Newly-listed ag-tech company Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT), focusing on the next generation of insecticides says that it...
Bio-Gene Technology ASX BGT insecticide toxicity safe flavesone Flavocide

Initial toxicity results indicate Bio-Gene’s next generation insecticide is safe

AgTech developer Bio-Gene Technology (ASX: BGT) has received positive safety results from toxicology studies into its flavesone...