Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB)

Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB) is a specialist producer, focused on developing technology that captures waste carbon dioxide to produce commercial quantities of a range of plant derived products for supply to three key markets: medicinal cannabis, algae-based nutraceuticals and animal feed and aquaculture markets.

Affinity Energy & Health ASX AEB cannabis cultivation facility Malta

Affinity Energy & Health gets green light for new cannabis cultivation facility in Malta

Plant-based health and wellbeing company Affinity Energy & Health (ASX: AEB) has received the green light to develop a vertically-integrated...
Affinity Energy Skin Elements ASX AEB SKN algae cannabis oil skincare range

Affinity Energy and Skin Elements team up to develop algae and cannabis oil skincare range

Plant-based health company Affinity Energy and Health (ASX: AEB) has joined forces with skincare specialist Skin Elements (ASX: SKN) to develop ...
Affinity Energy & Health ASX AEB algae product FeedMe Seachem

Affinity Energy & Health welcomes new addition to FeedMe algae product range

Plant-based health company Affinity Energy & Health (ASX: AEB) has kicked off commercialisation of its fifth Affinity FeedMe algae product, ...
Algae.Tec ASX AEB Radient Technologies nutraceutical market

Algae.Tec looks to bulk up product reach with Radient research agreement

Health company Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB) has pleased its shareholders by announcing a research agreement with Radient Technologies Inc, a Canadian Ve...
Algae.Tec ASX AEB Australian pharmaceutical delivery company NS Technologies

Algae.Tec gains stake in Australian pharmaceutical delivery company

Plant-based health and wellbeing company Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB) has inked a binding heads of agreement to acquire a 19.9% stake in Australian phar...
Queensland Bauxite Algae.Tec ASX QBL AEB cannabinoid products animals

Queensland Bauxite and Algae.Tec team up create cannabinoid products for animals

Queensland Bauxite (ASX: QBL) and Algae.Tec (ASX: AEB) have teamed up to develop cannabinoid-based products for the animal market in what Queens...