Alcidion and Monash Health take first step towards smarter reporting

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Health informatics company Alcidion Group (ASX: ALC) has said it has completed the production version of its Smartpage platform, including its successful deployment at Monash Health in Melbourne, one of the largest public healthcare providers in Victoria.

The entity claims to provide healthcare to a quarter of the state’s population and therefore means its logistical challenges are some of the most acute in all of Australia.

Alcidion said that the clinical module of its clinical messaging technology Smartpage been successfully deployed at Monash Health, as part of a three-year contract worth A$389,000.

According to Alcidion, the after-hours mobile task management solution went live at the Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital on Tuesday 13 March, with the installation being completed on time and on budget and that the rollout of the remainder of the Monash Health public hospitals is planned within the coming year.

The benefits of communication

Smartpage was designed to provide Monash Health with out of hours clinical task management that delivers two-way instant communications between clinical staff to increase productivity and improve patient care.

The added connectivity and inter-activity between physicians, nurses and patients are intended to provide a more efficient working environment that provides more transparency, better real-time exchange of information and ultimately, better healthcare outcomes for patients.

As a patient’s condition can deteriorate very suddenly and at times with reduced medical staff on call, Smartpage is initially being used to support Monash Health with optimum patient care at off-peak times such as nights and weekends, when staffing levels are greatly reduced and patient occupancy remains peaked.

In the view of Martin Keogh, Chief Operating Officer Monash Health, the recent launch is only the first step to Alcidion’s Smartpage being deployed at other campuses.

“We have taken a significant step towards improving after-hours care at Monash Health. Smartpage provides our clinicians with a modern, instant two-way communication and tasks allocation platform, which will enable our staff to deliver safe, quality and timely patient care 24 hours a day. The initial rollout to Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital went smoothly and has been very well received by our staff. We look forward to continuing the phased implementation at the remaining hospital campuses.”

Smartpage delivers

With the deployment now finalised and with two weeks of continuous operation, Smartpage is already delivering value, according to Alcidion’s CEO Ray Blight.

“We are very pleased to see Smartpage’s installation go live at Monash Health, and look forward to a continued relationship with Monash. As one of our first installations of this technology in an Australian public hospital setting, we are delighted that the teams have worked together to deliver a seamless transition that is already adding value,” said Mr Ray Blight.

Monash Health has also signed a deal with Kailo Medical to connect its hospital ultrasound machines to the SonoReview structured reporting solution offered by the firm, following a 6 month appraisal period.

Monash has signed a five-year agreement with Kailo to implement SonoReview all point of care ultrasounds (POCUS) and bone density tests across the service.

Both Smartpage and SonoReview highlight Melbourne Health’s desire to modernise and streamline its practices to deliver more sophisticated patient care and reduce the amount of wasted resources within the public healthcare system in Australia.

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